Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Moon In Capricorn For New Year...

... during the early hours of New Year's Eve, which is nice symbolism to kick off 2006 with, as a new moon represents a new phase or beginning. Full moon's are famous for their intense emotional effect on people, but in my experience a new moon can stir up just as strong emotional responses too.
A new moon tends to bring feelings of emptyness or hunger with it, because it's about being at the beginning of something and open to receive more, and therefore pre-desire fulfillment. If we try to avoid these feelings (by burying it under comfort eating or drinking for example) it seems to make it worse - what you resist persists, as well as avoiding the real desire that underlies the feelings.

Capricorn is the sign of the cosmic provider (remember Santa Claus?). It's all about accepting it's possible to manifest what your heart desires. It's also the sign of the miracle worker (virgin birth on Dec 25th?), so I believe this is an important annual new moon in the astro calendar.
This new moon links to the moon's north and south nodes, which makes it all extra lunar-focused, and extra important in the long-term cycles of our lives. Saturn is linking with Mars in a tense way, but tense or not, its a symbol of the meeting of two key planets as far as understanding the principles of manifesting goes. And because Mercury shares the same degree as Pluto, in the sign of Sagittarius, it's the perfect time to finally accept it's our beliefs that help create our reality.

So because it's the moon to manifest mountains or molehills, (as the mood may take you), my recommendation for some great Capricorn-style reading inspiration is 'Ask And It Is Given' by Abraham-Hicks, which is the finest of its kind on the subject, in my opinion. Check out their website here.


Joanna said...

Hi, thank you for a wonderful blog! I like astrology facts and I enjoyed your article about the new moon in capricorn. cheers!

Barbara Palliser said...

thanks Joanna! and right back at you - I enjoyed reading your blog too!