Saturday, January 14, 2006

Venus Retrograde, Full Moon In Cancer

It's a full moon when the moon is at the opposite degree in the zodiac from the sun. This month the sun sits at 24 degrees Capricorn while the moon is at 24 Cancer. Not unusual in itself, as it happens once a year between these two signs; what catches the eye is that Venus is currently around the same degree as the sun, in Capricorn, as it retraces its steps on its retrograde (appearing to move backwards) journey.

Because Capricorn is the builder, the developer and manifester of the zodiac, and Venus is concerned with value, this combination can bring a sense of urgency or pressure around long term plans, which connect strongly to self esteem and self worth. Retrograde periods reach into the past, so don't be surprised if there's a feeling of comparison about past and present; a rewinding or reviewing past accomplishments, or a weighing up of timescales concerning future plans.
Added to this combination is of course the continuing of the grand cross energies, and the meeting of Mars and Jupiter which reaches a peak this weekend too. There are some powerful energies at work now, and the key probably lies in the full moon sign of Cancer, which is about emotional connectedness.
Its a time to feel the feelings and answer them. Insecurity, discomfort, or yearnings that are past or future based need care and attention now. This is the Chicken Soup Moon of the zodiac, the balance to the stark reality of situations that Capricorn is so adept at getting us in touch with.

Venus returns to this degree during the final days of February, so the journey isn't over yet.

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