Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mars In Gemini

After 7 months, the long transit of Mars through Taurus has finally come to an end, and is now in the sign of the twins until mid-April.
Because Mars went retrograde in Taurus, we had this extended 7 month journey, emphasising the slow, plodding, unswerving quality of the sign in all its unshakable glory. But Gemini is a diferent energy altogether, faster, more changeable, and much more mind-focused. And interestingly, Mercury, ruler of Gemini is retrograding in Pisces from March 2nd, making the retro energy continue as a feature; especially mid-March and earlyish April, when Mars is due to link up to Mercury.

Mars in any sign shows what drives you, what motivates you. It's your passion for life, but it's also what drives you mad too! And as Gemini rules the lungs, it'll probably feel extra important to get whatever drives you mad off your chest.
Gemini is associated with all forms of communication, common ground, neighbourhood and local area, as well as siblings and sibling style relationships. It's a connecting force, naturally seeking out patterns in forms to join the dots or put two and two together.
So over the next month or so, expect any or all of these themes to become a priority, a passion, or a source of letting off steam.

More to come...

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