Friday, April 28, 2006

New Moon In Taurus

This New Moon is carrying a real mix of energies. There's a lot of highly focused, concentrated creativity flowing at the moment, thanks to the strong and disciplined aspect between Sun/Moon in Taurus and Saturn in Leo.
And Venus, ruling planet of Taurus, is coming to the end of a journey through Pisces, but not before making an intense connection with Pluto in Sagittarius over the next few days.

Taurus, as a fixed sign, is all about focusing energy. A good friend told me recently that focus is about making a continual choice to follow the same direction, and as Taurus follows what it values, with Venus in Pisces the value lies in the imagination.
Venus has been happily navigating the boundless astral seas of the imagination for a few weeks now. The indefinable, indefinite, fuzzy edged reality offers limitless possibilities, which means fertile ground for new ideas. It's this along with the creative authority of Saturn in Leo, and the Phoenix-rising energy of Pluto that makes for such a magical mix of energy, because the earthbound Taurus New Moon can anchor and ground dreams and schemes that might otherwise have vanished under the harsh glare of critical conscious thought.

Venus sparkled and shimmered through Pisces like sunlight through water. It's been all rainbows and dancing glittering waves, but with a link-up to Pluto in Sagittarius the undercurrent runs deep, and the pot of gold lies buried way beyond the horizon.
It's important to keep things in perspective with this kind of aspect, but also remember that there's plenty of room for some big ideas. Yes it's molehills and mountains, but it's also acorns and oak trees.

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