Thursday, November 30, 2006

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Been seriously sporadic with the blogging recently. It seems each Mercury retro phase I catch a nasty case of writers block, and once it was out the way, my Scorpio sister came to visit. We had a lot to catch up on, as she'd had a lot to deal with, thanks to all those planets in Scorpio; she'd moved house just as Merc went retrograde in early November, and there was a problem with the phone line in the new place. For some reason there was no connection, and no one in the phone company quite knew why. Added to that, the wild and windy Scottish hills blocked her mobile reception.

I didn't like to say it might be a while to get sorted if communication planet Mercury was influencing matters, but as she could only phone from outside (in gale force winds of course), with crackled reception and frequent cries of 'can you hear me now?!', there wasn't much time to get into any depth conversation. We made up for it when she arrived though, and had a great time catching up and indulging in some serious depth shopping. My credit card is groaning. With the Sun, Venus and Jupiter all fresh into the ‘more please!’ sign of Sagittarius as we began the shopping schedule, you can imagine.

Her phone still isn’t fixed by the way. It was the day Mercury went direct that the phone company gave for connection, but by that time she was miles away on a shopping spree in the North-east of England. Because she wasn’t there to make sure all was well, she only found out when she returned home 2days ago there was still no joy on the matter. Again no one is sure why. It’s a real Mercury in Scorpio mystery... My money’s on the end of the shadow phase of the retrograde period, which coincides with the Gemini full moon on 4th December, as the date for the official sorting out. Best not say anything to sis though.


Anonymous said...

December 4th huh? Okay then, that's good to know.

Tumblewords: said...

So familiar. Daughters gifted me with a cell phone when my landline retrograded. :) Downloaded Stellarium, a free source program, and noticed that Mercury, Jupiter and Mars will be near conjunct on Dec 10. For a sadge, this might be a mixed blessing or some such. The program is quite astounding, large 25 MB min but is fun now that winter sky is deeply gray.

Anonymous said...

Geez, I thought it was just me... Saturn's sitting on my natal Uranus (ruler of my 3rd house) and my computers are suddenly in revolt. Argh!

Anonymous said...

My equipment is functioning (Groucho Marx wink) but I can't seem to move through space without knocking things and small people down.

I feel like an asteroid. Or a dinosaur. Or a dinsosaur AFTER an asteroid has been through.

And communicating is very very iffy, as I can see people psychically cringe when I make yet another persimmon-mouthed pronouncement. It's almost over, right? Because if I were my own pet, I'd put me in the garage.

Barbara Palliser said...


well it's good to hear I'm not the only one having a strange time of it then. Though I've been spared any serious computer glitches; there's only a small thing that's happened - the 'w' on my keyboard only works sometimes.

Sue, that Stellarium program is AMAZING!!!!! Thanks for letting me know about it.