Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Astrology Of Blogging

There’s a great meme on the go, originating from a post by Twilight, on the astrology of blogging. Her theory that astrology bloggers might show a combination of dominant Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter energies is being put to the test by bloggers offering their chart details to see how they match up. I’ve been tagged by Lynn and April to offer my contribution (two tags! it must be all this Gemini energy!), and it appears I’m a classic case according to the theory:

- I have Sun, Mercury and Mars in Gemini, in the 9th house (9th house is associated with Jupiter)

- Mercury is a couple of degrees from the Midhaven, so is angular, square Virgo ascendant

- Mercury is sextile Saturn in Aries in the 7th

- Mercury is also sextile Jupiter in Leo in the 11th

I can't say that writing is an easy thing for me, despite all that Mercury energy. It's a bit like pulling teeth at times, searching for ways to communicate my thoughts on the subject (Neptune in 3rd inconjunct Mercury?), and I'm a devil for editing and reworking, in my Virgo ascendant quest for the perfect post :-)
Yet there's a compulsion to keep going with it. Like Lynn I'm drawn to astrology to investigate the deeper connectedness, how the bigger picture fits together - I have Mercury square Pluto, and also square Uranus in the 12th. Sometimes I feel that astrology chose me, which is a characteristic feeling when experiencing that kind of outer planet energy, and blogging is my way of channelling all the 'wow!' energy when I get a good glimpse that connectedness.

Great post Twilight, and thanks to Jeffrey for starting the tags. I'm loving reading what everyone's got to say about this.

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Twilight said...

Barbara - Thanks so much for your comment on my blog "Learning Curve on the Ecliptic". I'm still a bit ham-fisted on comments, their new to me! Hope this reaches you. I'll visit yours now I've found it too.

I've linked Silverwheel on my blog.
Twilight (Ann)

Twilight said...

So ham-fisted I can't spell "they're" !!