Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Moved House With Mercury Retrograde!

I moved house with Mercury Retrograde! Thought I would mention that again as I have been having to do everything exactly twice thanks to Mercury Retro. Not once, not three times. Exactly twice. So I'm now in the habit of repeating myself.

And oh could I ramble on about the phone company losing my order and not getting connected for 9 days, or the electricity transfer nightmare, or the fact I am still not internet connected and having to use my friend's computer to do this, but she just told me her Mercury Retro tale of how she had heavy computer technical problems last week at work, involving many fruitless calls to technical support and much frustration and tearing out of hair; and then her mouse wouldn't work. She was moving it all over but the little arrow wouldn't appear on screen whatever she did. Then she looked down at the mouse and realised it was her banana. Ha! not so fruitless after all then...

Hopefully I'll be back soon with my internet connection xxx


tumblewords said...

Oh, you're a brave soul. I always try to sit Rx out - do nothing and still, my car quits working, my computer blows something and my phone is ruled by wrong numbers...but I have to admit I've never tried a banana for a cursor, maybe. Grin. Good luck! Good luck!

Huskydoo said...

Hello beautiful Barbara, me to everything twice!! My new house and dealings with the bank.....what a carry on..going over and over the same problem... and at work being requested to do everything twice...i feel like im stuck in a time warp.... good luck with the rest of your move..