Monday, May 19, 2008

Second Scorpio Full Moon Tonight

...well, in the early hours of the 20th actually, at about 3.10am, UK time. Scorpio has the reputation for being the sign of sex, drugs and rock and roll, though I think there would have to be some Sagittarius and Pisces aspects mixed in there for true hedonism. Scorpio has that reputation though because it's about extremes. It's always all or nothing with this energy, and this is what has been in the air, floating through situations since 20th April when the last full moon in Scorps took place. I think there's also a theme of unfinished business going around, as well as what is hidden or buried coming to light. And also it's about whatever or whoever it is that is really getting under your skin, for good or ill.

The healing capability of Scorpio energy in situations lies in the ability to trust in the unknown or to trust the process. Scorpio deals with the dark, literally sometimes, but mostly metaphorically, feeling into what is unknown and finding the faith to instinctively to move forward despite not knowing what is ahead. Having a peek at the Scorpio full moon (if cloud allows) can a powerful way to plug back into this instinct, even in a world that likes to leave the lights on at night.


Dharmaruci said...

I'd say both Neptune and Pluto and the signs they rule involve this process of faith in the unknown, because they are bigger than us. So with Neptune stationing at present, it adds to your point about the Scorpio Full Moon.

Barbara said...

yep I see what you mean. Even with some foggy Neptune transits I am currently trying to peer through!