Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update On 14th October UFO No Show

Blossom Goodchild is the lady that was convinced UFO's were going to show themselves on the 14th October (reminder here), and if you ever wanted to know how to recognise someone going through a major Pluto transit, and probably Neptune too... heck, may as well throw Uranus in there given the subject matter; this video update she made after the no show UFO says it all.

When I first read about this story last week I laughed and thought she was a nut, but after seeing her YouTube vids, reading her blog etc, she just seemed a nice lady, and the story for me wasn't about the UFO's but became about the human side of it. The hate mail she got was shocking, mostly from religious nuts, but she still kept to her belief that these aliens were going to come and show us all the meaning of life.

But they never showed up and now she is left with her crumbled belief system, and trust shattered. See how it's Pluto in Sadge: the promise betrayed, etc. So you have to be pretty hard hearted to not feel compassion for her in this video, though judging by the comments section that goes with it seems there's a few hard hearts out there with nothing better to do with their day.

Thing with Pluto is that it's the symbol of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so she'll come through this, and be better for the experience, all reborn and renewed. I prefer her message now she's stopped saying we need people from other planets to show us what high vibrations are all about, "so they didn't come, so lets do it without them... " couldn't agree more, Blossom; we didn't need the buggers in the first place. Write a book about that instead.


tumblewords said...

Amazing woman. Unfortunately, the anonymity of the Internet allows hate to be directed to all corners. Add the fact that many of the anonymous commenters seem to lack intelligence only compounds the problem. Thanks for posting this!!

Barbara said...

yes, there was a daft comment waiting for my perusal on this post, the person somehow must have expected I might publish it.

I don't know if it's because they take advantage of people who don't like deleting comments, but I have the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to stupid people, and have no problem deleting them from my life :-D

Twilight said...

We get alerts from a variety of individuals fairly regularly over the years about "something amazing about to happen". We've become almost immune to such alerts these days, but there's always a little corner at the back of our minds that says 'Maybe this time....!"

It's a bit like the boy who cried "Wolf!" - One day the wolf DID actually appear. :-)

Barbara said...

and i bet there's going to be more of 'em once these darn 2012 predictions start getting people all worried :-)

Spiritual Erebos said...

It's horrible that people send her hate mail, because everybody is entitled to their opinion. But about the story...

I personally think we don't need Gods, aliens or other people telling us the things we already know deep inside and that is be good to everything around you. You can only be happy, if you make everything in your surroundings happy as well. The future is in our own hands....and I'm sure it is a positive one!