Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Moon In Capricorn And Byron Katie

It's AGES since I wrote anything here, so a Capricorn new moon with Saturn in Virgo is just the ticket to feel guilty about not keeping up to speed with something :)

There's 6 planets in Capricorn at the moment: Sun and moon together (making the new moon), Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto of course, and Mars which has just moved into this sign, right next to Pluto. That's a lot of planet energy focusing in a Capricorn way. Capricorn loves taking responsibility and being the boss, because its the boss who makes the rules, and as there's nothing better for Cap than following the rules, the only way to make sure you're going to like telling yourself what you 'should' be doing, is to be the one who makes the rules. Capricorn is also the sign associated with time, age, and the awareness of mortality, so it's no surprise that Old Father Time is connected to this month, as the old year passes away and a new year starts, and I feel it's the time we feel stress and pressure the most too (stress and pressure aka 'resistance' in current spiritual thinking)... the holiday season does that to people it seems... but it's all that responsibility, all that following rules and traditions; and especially with Capricorn ruler Saturn in the sign of Virgo the perfectionist at the moment, it brings out the 'get it right or it means you are wrong' kind of thinking. And mix this with a fiery Mars and intense Pluto coming together things can easily feel heavy and traumatic right now.

So as there's this new moon (new beginning) happening today through the qualities of Capricorn, and as Mercury, planet of thoughts and communication, is also in this sign, and as Mars is the planet of action and motiviation while Pluto is the planet of transformation, this seems like a good time for Byron Katie's approach to alleviating stress and pressure, to lessen that load of the Capricorn burden a bit... her method is called 'The Work', which is a hugely Capricorn name in itself, and it's a four step approach. You take a thought that is bothering you, upsetting you, obsessing you, weighing you down, or that you feel you have no option about, and you ask:

-is it really true, yes or no?
-can I know this with absolute certainty?
-how do I react when I believe this thought?
-who would I be without this thought?
...then turn the thought around (eg, he never listens to me becomes I never listen to me, etc). The process is outlined in detail at her website here

if you think this sounds simplistic, have a look at her in action using the process with a woman who has a 'he shouldn't lie' thought. Fabulous!!


Tumblewords: said...

It's a strong sky! I enjoyed this clip and will follow the link to her website. She has a calmness and strength that's so refreshing! Thanks for this post!
Happy and Prosperous 2009 to you!!

Barbara said...

Yes indeed a strong sky - I like how you put that :)

and a very very Happy 2009 to you! full of fabulousness and abundance all the way!