Monday, March 16, 2009

Strange Sun/Uranus Synchronicity Story

Last week, when Sun/Uranus in Pisces was happening, My Pisces dad had a computer glitch. For no apparent reason the wireless connection to the internet wasn't happening (Uranus is associated with a lot of things there, technology, the internet, connection/disconnection; while Sun is associated with dad's and in the sign of Pisces it's my dad :) )

So we struggled on for a bit trying to work out what had happened, but I am not the best at computer problems, and my dad is a new silver surfer (as of the Saturn/Uranus opposition last year... how Saturn/Uranus is that?), so he phoned Andy the computer man. Andy was busy but gave quick instructions about a few things to try, including turning the modem off and then back on again. He said 'try those things and give me a ring back'

All things on the list failed except the modem restart (Venus retrograde = re-starting for re-alignment?). All was suddenly well again. My dad phoned Andy and said 'everything's fine Andy, it's fixed'. The voice on the other end of the line said 'well I am pleased that everythings fixed but this isn't Andy, I think you have the wrong number'.

My dad apologised and explained he had been having computer problems. The voice said 'You don't mean you were ringing Andy the computer man? He has JUST left my house, he's been here fixing MY computer'...

What's all that about?! Not that I am complaining, as I love random weirdness like that, but what's all that about?! Very Uranus in Pisces, yes?


Tumblewords: said...

Ohmigosh! I love this! It's so astrology...;) Reading it again. Love it. Love it. It's a full lesson in the art of seeing.

Barbara said...

ha ha :) I love the way you put that! A lesson in the art of seeing!!