Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Horoscopes

Honest, it was Mercury retrograde! that was the reason I had to be reminded I hadn't posted horoscopes at beginning of month! And my rabbit in headlights countenance due to bamboozling outer planet transits didn't help either. Sorry, using astrology as an excuse is no excuse for an astrologer :)

21st March – 20th April

There are big changes coming up for Aries, symbolised by barrier-breaking Uranus starting a journey through your sign from the 28th. It’s a long-term journey, lasting years, and it’s all about your uncompromising search for more freedom and less limitation. There have been rumblings in the background pointing to change for quite some time, but it has been in the background. Soon it’s coming to the forefront, but till then it’s about preparation; loose ends are tying, things are coming together and pieces are starting to fit (especially regarding events from late last year).

21st April – 21st May

The sun’s in your sign till the 21st, so make the most of being under the cosmic spotlight as the world is tuned to your wavelength and ready to co-operate with your wishes. There’s a new moon in your sign on the 14th, which is great for new beginnings and for seeding creative ideas for the future. Also at this time, Mercury (planet of mind-power and communication) changes direction, symbolising an significant change of perspective in you, and points to a turnaround in any situation where you’ve encountered delays or setbacks in recent weeks (especially involving communication) .

22nd May – 21st June

Your ruler Mercury has been retrograde (appearing to move backwards) for a while now, symbolising how you’ve been experiencing the need for a different perspective or a different approach to certain situations. From the 12th Mercury turns to move forward again, and yes, this coincides with a turnaround in situations, especially in those that you felt were going nowhere fast or that seemed stuck in the past. This month also brings to light some info that helps you trust your direction from here too. Oh, and the Love Goddess Venus is in your sign too, which means you’re a total love magnet.

22nd June – 22nd July

You’re ready to get going and make some dreams come true this month; resistance is futile as there’s no going back on this, but there’s probably a few limitations you need to work with just now, which might slow things down somewhat but don’t let it stop you (especially around the 9th). Uranus, planet of freedom, is heading for the long-term aims and ambitions angle of your chart, and Uranus brings change, usually in unexpected and sudden ways but the change always matches and supports your intentions for the future in some way, so it’s now time to make your intentions clear to yourself.

23rd July – 23rd August

The sun is spotlighting the aims and ambitions section of your chart, which means light being shed on your current direction, as well as attracting what you need to further your next step. The new moon here on the 14th is about sowing seeds for the future, and also around that time there’s a turning point in finances, and communication, that makes you feel you are moving forward again. By the end of the month action planet Mars clashes with dreamy Neptune, so it’s an illusion that you’ve run out of steam, the mind fog is temporary, but your creative vision is something to rely on.

24th August – 22nd September

Saturn is in your sign causing delays again, slowing down your plans to rise phoenix-like from the embers of recent months events. It’s your perfectionist attention to detail you see, prodding the phoenix in you to check and recheck all the doors are locked and the iron’s unplugged before you can fly free. But fly you will, especially once your ruler Mercury starts moving forward midmonth, symbolising a turnaround in your approach, as well as a new outlook toward certain situations.

23rd September – 23rd October

Your ruler Venus energises the beliefs and perspectives angle of your chart till the 20th, symbolising an urge for different viewpoints and for information that gives new meaning to existing situations. And there’s no shortage of viewpoints being offered, especially midmonth, when a lot seems to happen all at once around you, much of it feeling out of the blue. When Venus shifts focus to your long-term ambitions after the 20th, it’s easy to get locked into a power struggle over any opposition to your plans but it’s not worth the hassle. Let go of the struggle and keep your focus on the future.

24th October – 22nd November

There’s a focus on relationships for much of the month, with a new moon around the 14th energising this angle of your chart while Mercury changes direction, which symbolises a turnaround in your thinking about partnerships, contracts and commitments with others. Recent weeks have had you thinking differently you see, due to circumstances that encouraged you to go over old ground, or forced a review of your position, but now you’re moving forward and looking forward again (good to remember during final week when communication looks deep and intense).

23rd November – 21st December

You are so not in the mood to have your sense of freedom messed with this month, and yet you’re encountering denials, delays or disapproval, especially with regard to long-term plans or career aims. But your ruling planet Jupiter is slowly heading to join the boundary-breaking Uranus, which doesn’t happen often, and indicates bright ideas and alternative paths and solutions arising when you least expect them. It’s a time for going against the grain, the crowd and the herd, which others might not like but might respect you for. Eventually.

22nd December – 20th January

There’s still a big emphasis on pushing boundaries this month; its really about breaking with the past, or those rules you set yourself in the dim and distant past that may not be serving you as well today because you’re a different person now playing a different game. There’s an element of unpredictability to events because of this, but out of the unexpected can come some nice surprises, especially as this month’s new moon (new emotional direction) points to creativity, romance, fun and entertainment.

21st January – 18th February

Uranus, your sassy, trend-setting ruling planet, is about to leave the money and value angle of your chart, where it’s been hanging out since 2003. Uranus is about freedom, independence, super-intelligent solutions, and alternative routes, and since 2003 issues around money, property, income, and even self worth (it’s everything you value and how you value it), has been throwing up circumstances that fired the desire in you for more freedom, independence, etc. So now your more of all that, Uranus’s work is done. Except for what happens this month, which is more of all that.

19th February – 20th March

There’s an emphasis on communication for much of the month; things have been a bit backward in moving forward in recent weeks, but the turnaround is in sight on this. There’s also a lovely communication-orientated new moon on the 14th for you, which can symbolise new beginnings and new phases in situations as a result of talks or new contacts and connections coming your way. Events around the 9th can be unusual and unexpected (in a good way when it comes to matters of the heart); and because change is in the air, May is a great month for breaking your own rules.

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