Thursday, May 09, 2013

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus 9th/10th May 2013

The new moon solar eclipse in Taurus that is happening during the early hours of May 10th (UK time) is a solid sign of moving in the right direction toward more stability and security in matters that matter most to you.

New moons are about new beginnings while solar eclipses seed events that are important gateways to future experience somehow. In earthy Taurus this is future experience of the tangible and touchy feely sort.

If you’ve had your head and heart in gear at all over the past weeks during pondering and decision-making time, a way forward will have been slowly getting your attention, a path emerging that stands you toward a specific direction, and this eclipse is the marker point if you like, of realising that this path has worth and value precisely because YOU want to follow it.

Money, possessions, ‘things’, ‘stuff’, are all associated with Taurus as being an earth sign Taurus just loves loves loves the physical/material world and all it has to offer. Ruler planet Venus is the original lover and the original material girl, and so another Taurus understanding is how there’s no shame in that (without love added it turns into messy materialism mind you). So it’s likely that finances, possessions/property/purchases, business and income, etc, are all under the solar eclipse spotlight right now, with a view to more stability and security in future.

But also this solar eclipse is about what supports and sustains us in any way that feels valuable to us. Not what others say is valuable, but to us personally. Whatever it is of the physical world that resonates harmonises, and feeds our soul is very subjective, personal and authentic. And that matters, and so it matters that we own our interest and appreciate the life out of it. Or the life in it?

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