Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 20th 2015

To me a new moon and solar eclipse is a powerful symbol of union, blending and alignment - the sun and moon meeting together in the skies in perfectly balanced relationship.

Pisces energy is about surrender; not in defeat or submission, but in the spiritual sense – or in other words, in the Beatles sense of ‘let it be’ or the ‘Frozen’ sense of ‘let it go’ – it’s surrender to who you really are, surrender to empowerment, recognising the inner spirit and soul energy, and going with the flow of life through you; allowing what is no longer you to dissolve and flow away. It's choosing to be here and now, in the present, where it’s all happening.

It means don't stop believing, and keep the faith in a friendly universe. Don’t lose sight of Love being the answer, and don’t be tempted into thinking all the good stuff is an illusion along with your magnificence. Stay focused on what is real, even when what is real is not immediately tangible.

This eclipse takes place right at the end of the zodiac circle, at 29 degrees of Pisces. (There are 30 degrees to each sign). Pisces is often considered to be last sign of the 12 zodiac signs, while Aries is the first. One cycle ends and another begins immediately. That’s how it is in astrology, there are no real endings, just cycles of life that start, unfold and return to the beginning to start anew.

The sun also moves into the sign of Aries on the 20th, at 22.45 UK time. This is known as the equinox (the beginning of spring here above the equator), when the days and nights are of equal length. Again the balance and harmony theme repeats.

So this solar eclipse is all about surrendering to the reality that there are no real endings or limits to us or in us, only renewal and the return to fresh new beginnings.

It’s time to expect new life, new starts, and new beginnings, but only after you’ve surrendered the past; you can’t move into the beginning of anything while holding onto where you’ve been. Old hurts, resentments, disappointments…. be willing to let them be, and instead be here now, making peace with all your precious experiences, surrendering them once more for the return of the beginning.

Happy Eclipse and Equinox :)

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