Thursday, April 09, 2015

My Astrology Readings...

Hello lovely people, I am now offering a few options for readings....

1) One Question Astrology Reading
Curious about Pluto active in your chart? Wondering what the last eclipse meant for you? Want to check what Saturn is up to right now in your chart?
Whatever the question I can have a look at your chart for you by email.
Concise but full answer - UK £25 (that's about $36USD or 35 Euro)
More in depth answer - UK £45 ( that's about $65USD or 62 Euro)

One Question:Concise or In-depth

2) Astro-Tarot Reading
Intuitive readings incorporating both astrology and tarot/oracle cards. Good for getting to the heart of a problem/situation, or for offering a peek at the potential road ahead in a life area or specific circumstance. By email.
£30 (that's about $44USD or 42 Euro)

Astro-Tarot Reading

3) Yes/No astrology reading
Not just a yes or no answer, but you get the idea... a fast, brief reply by email on a question, from my astrological perspective. Usually answered within 24hours, sometimes less, occasionally more.
£10 (that's about $15USD or 14 Euro)

Yes/No reading

Please Note - To be able to do a reading for you I need your time, date and place of birth, and an email address to send your reading to.... and your question of course! You can either send this info by email, or you can use the paypal form when you are sending your payment.
(if you don't know your time of birth I use a midday chart with your zodiac sign as ascendant. This can still provide a good amount of information to work from)
-Any questions about readings, or for more information you can email me.
-I will be adding more services in future, for example in-depth monthly horoscopes by subscription, for a small monthly fee.
-For now I am only using Paypal for payment, but more options will be available in future (when I work out which is best to use!)

Hope to hear from you soon
Barbara :)

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