Friday, August 28, 2015

Full Moon In Pisces, August 29th 2015

Moon message = "Help is at Hand".

The moon in Pisces melts our hearts, increases compassion, dissolves boundaries, teaches us about unconditional love, and opens our spiritual and psychic senses. We have an enhanced appreciation for art and music, and our own creativity flows. We weep at the beauty of a sunset or the innocence of a child, or we just weep for connection.

A full moon in Pisces intensifies all this, as a full moon concentrates and focuses energy. This moon also has Neptune nearby, which intensifies things further, because Neptune (God of the ocean) is Pisces watery ruler.

A full moon happens when the sun and moon stand opposite each other in the zodiac. The sun recently moved into the sign of Virgo, the polarity to Pisces. Virgo seems to be so different to Pisces in many ways, Virgo is earthy, analytical, and seeks a world that runs like clockwork – precise, perfect, predictable.

But these two signs have more in common than first appears, and this is what a full moon is about, bringing balance and blending of both. Virgo and Pisces are both strongly associated with healing. They are also about the pull to serve humanity… in service for charitable or altruistic (unconditional) reasons.

The sun in Virgo sits right next to Jupiter for this full moon. Jupiter is the planet of faith and positivity. Jupiter expands what it touches, and in Virgo it is in practical, down to earth ways.
I feel this is a full moon where problems can meet with solutions, in ways not seen before, no matter how overwhelming the problem seems. It’s a full moon with the message that help is at hand, and with Virgo practicality blending so intensely with Pisces compassion, it’s a safe pair of hands with workable solutions.

So expect solutions, answers and healing connections. Expect art, music and creativity to satisfy the senses and soothe the soul in meaningful ways. Expect that truth is beauty and beauty is truth. Expect Love to heal, not hurt. Expect to experience the softening and dissolving of limits and obstacles. Expect that kindness and compassion prevails. And surrender to these expectations; as surrender is the Pisces way.

(This full moon is 6 degrees of Pisces, and is full at 19.35, UK time)

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