Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Moon In Libra, October 13th 2015 - A Sudden Break For Harmony

A new moon is about new beginnings, intentions and ideas. 
Relationship-focused Libra is the sign of the scales… of balance, justice, fairness…‘rightness’. The seeking of balance and harmony is so very strong with Libra energy that often people resist rocking the boat in situations; sticking with a semblance of calm or equilibrium on the surface to keep up appearances.

If that has been the case up to now, then this new moon is likely to put a spanner in the works. Exactly opposing the new moon is Uranus, the planet of unexpected, sudden shake-ups and wake-up calls.
Uranus is about revolution, independence and detachment. This planet doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and certainly won’t just for the sake of harmony. The Uranus vision is one of authentic harmony, where politeness and political correctness doesn’t get in the way of common sense, and where differences and variety are celebrated not suppressed.

So while the boat might get rocked with this new moon energy, it’s not for nothing. It’s for something; it’s for a truer sense of alignment, a real sense of change that leads to an easier harmony in the long run.

Pro-active Mars is next to faith-filled Jupiter right now, which can mean strong and confident action. In Virgo, it’s courage of conviction when dealing with the details or definition of a situation.Mars and Jupiter are in trine (easy) aspect to Pluto, the planet of letting go… whether it’s the past or of what’s no longer needed, Pluto transforms the situations it touches.

Put together this can be a deceptively deep and emotional new moon of revolution and change.. for the purpose of truer peace and harmony for the long term.

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