Friday, May 12, 2006

Full Moon In Scorpio: Unfinished Business

Early morning UK time on May 13th, the annual full moon in Scorpio is exact, when Sun in Taurus opposes Moon in Scorpio at 22 degrees.

Taurus is the sign associated with business, both in the financial sense and in the sense of minding your own. Scorpio is very good at minding other people’s business (which I suspect is to divert attention from their own. Like a reverse psychology thing, it’s their way of making sure their own business stays safely hidden from prying eyes).

I always associate both the Scorpio Full Moon and the Taurus Full Moon (due in around six months time when the Sun is in Scorp), with unfinished business. Scorpio is the process of letting go and trusting, which is something Taurus doesn’t like to do. One of the ways it can avoid the process is by leaving things a little bit unfinished to return to at a later date. But Full Moons have a way of bringing things to a head. Conclusions are reached, and stalemates are broken.

Anything left behind during the recent Aries season of impulsiveness, or swept under the carpet last season, Libra style, will be picked up by the beady eagle-eye of Scorpio, to be dealt with appropriately by the well-defined muscle of Taurus consciousness. It’s something that happens every six months, like clockwork, with Newtonian precision. What makes it different every time, is the mix of planets around it, which change like clouds, into patterns as individual as snowflakes.

And at the moment Neptune is currently sitting at 20 degrees of Aquarius, which means it’s closely connected to the Full Moon degree, and will blend its energy with the Sun/Moon opposition.
Neptune is linked to the imagination and vision; it blurs boundaries and makes sharp edges fuzzy. It can also find a way through any obstacle on earth because it really knows how to work those laws of physics.
Neptune’s power is not to be underestimated, sometimes feeling so imperceptible, so subtle, but it’s like water dripping on a stone. Eventually it will reshape its environment.

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