Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Eddie Izzard And Aquastells

It's comedian Eddie Izzard's Birthday today - 7th Feb 1962, which means he's what's known in astrology as an Aquastell.

From the Aquastell website there's this description of these folk...

"The Grand Aquarian Conjunction of February 5, 1962.
High above the noonday skies of the central Pacific, the Moon gradually devoured the Sun, in a spectacular total solar eclipse. Packed together within sixteen and a quarter degrees, five of the solar system's planets bore witness to the spectacle. This exceptionally rare and dense "conjunction stellium" took place in the constellation Aquarius, and was seen by many as heralding the first tentative stirrings of the "Age of Aquarius". Those born during the two weeks either side of this event have come to be known as the "Aquastell Aquarians of 1962". Astrology suggests that they will be the most extreme Aquarians in human history..."

(website here)

Eddie Izzard has Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury retrograde, and south node in Aquarius, which means he's an access all areas member of the Aquastell club. If you're wondering what wavelength the waterbearer works on, an Aquastell is a great subject for study because there's so many planets in that sign. Not all are comedian/actor/executive transvestite's like Eddie. But that's the Aquarian point - we're all snowflakes and finger prints.

With the Saturn/Neptune opposition between Leo/Aquarius in effect for some months to come, it's an interesting time for Aquastells everywhere, and for Eddie who has Moon in Pisces, the effects are hightened with Aquarius ruler Uranus's journey through Pisces.

Eddie Izzard info here and here, and here's a great clip from one of his stand-up shows, subject: supermarket queues.


Twilight said...

I'd never heard of "Aquastells", Barbara, thanks for this.

Eddie Izzard personifies what I'd expect from so much Aquarius, but others such as Garth Brooks and Clint Black (didn't know about his birthday) seem more diluted. I must look at their charts ! said...

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Lisa said...

Eddie is awesome - I'm a fan from WAYYYY back and love him. Interesting take on his personality from an astrological perspective.