Friday, February 02, 2007

Full Moon In Leo 2nd February

Sun in Aquarius stands opposite Moon in Leo on 2nd February, for the annual full moon in Leo. For me, this energy is all about presence, our very presence in the world. It's all about how just by existing, we are powerful and valuable in this physical universe.

The Leo/Aquarius axis says we are all VIP's in this world (A Very Important Presence), and that it's a non-negotiable universal law that presence is power. However, we get to choose how we respond to that law - we decide what to do with that power.

What I'm trying to say here was summed up in a recent post by Elsa in The Power of Love and Friendship... when she said -

I do know that when people came into my life and treated me well, I responded by thriving. And it’s not that they saved me. I saved me. I did the work, while they supported me with their love, and appreciation for who I am… flawed or otherwise.

she continues...

The main thing that happens when someone loves on you and around you, is you become stronger and consequently less tolerant of people who want to tell you that you suck! ::smiles::

And if you surround yourself with those types… people who consistently tell you that you are not worthy, by their words or their actions, well this is oppression and you are going to be reduced.

On the other hand, love brings total liberation. I mean, if someone loves you, they love you. Old, young, fat, skinny, blind, or in a bad mood… they still love you. And this sounds like freedom to me!

Elsa got it spot on for me there. I'm convinced it's appreciation (love) that makes the world go round. It's ever since I read the book Messages From Water, which Elsa also mentions in this post, and discovered the author, Dr Emoto, believes gratitude and appreciation to be the driving power behind the universe. I saw the photos in that book, and lost all doubt about it being any other way.

Imagine a universe that thrives on appreciation. Imagine how natural it is to be a powerful force in the world, a healing force; just by showing up and acknowledging another, by being a witness to their uniqueness in action, and by thriving under the warmth of receiving that appreciation from someone else.

I know that deep down we all know this is true. It's too easy to imagine and feel the joy of it. It rings bells and resonates too easily. We might have to search deep, deep down some/many days, but in our bones we all know the universe works this way, and that we are hardwired to co-create like this.

It's always a choice, moment by moment, situation by situation, of whether we do want to participate in this way; the choice of whether to support or deny our own, or another's life force, moment by moment, experience by experience.

But I really believe we all know instinctively it's that simple.


elsa said...

Thank you, Barbara. :)

Twilight said...

Hi Barbara

Your post gave me a nice warm feeling on this freezing cold winter day !

Ann (Twilight)