Monday, April 23, 2007

End Of Saturn Retrograde At Last

One day in early December 2006, a rather flustered on duty police officer accidently reversed his car into mine, and like all astro folk, I’m hardwired to pause mid-event to look for likely matching transits; a quick scan of the environment reveals planet, sign and house signatures, then it’s just a case of superimposing the relevant chart aspects over it all, courtesy of minds eye technology. In this case Saturn (planet of law enforcement) just hours previously had begun a retrograde phase (appearing to move backwards).

Sceptics say the event was just a coincidence, because lots of other people that day didn’t encounter the reversing police officer in their path, but sceptics don't seem to understand that astrology deals with a tailor-made unfolding of events, born of an abundance of elements such as times, dates and places of then and now, along with all the possibilities of expression each astro symbol carries. It's about showing how the universe is out-picturing us, weaving together for each individual the closest external manifestation-match for their inner landscape at any moment.

Of course there was a lot more going on in my chart than Saturn retrograde, but to go into all that would take all day as there was A LOT going on at the time (hence one very flustered police officer); though I will say that Saturn was squaring Neptune in my chart, and the police officer remarked ‘I just didn’t see you’. Anyway, upshot was he admitted liability, and I set about making a claim for the damage. It took ages. Ages and ages for each step of the way to inch closer to completion, which is a trademark of the retrograde phase – the dragging of the heels and the wading through of the treacle. But each delay that happened I simply remarked ‘ah, Saturn retrograde I presume', while nodding like a very wise and knowing person.

I got a final letter this weekend, as Saturn ended its retro phase and began direct motion once again, informing me that full costs had been recovered and the case was considered closed. That’s the end of that then.


tumblewords said...

At last. Keyword. I think I've gone as slow as I can, spent more dollars on repairs than I had and learned far too much about unuseful things. With any luck, when the pace kicks up, I won't be so mired that it'll run over me. Glad to hear the accident was resolved!

Raji Chandrasekhar said...

I am an astrologer from Kerala, India. i would like to start an astrology blog in our language Malayalam.
Please permit me to take valuable informations from your blog also...

Barbara said...

Thankyou for asking! as long as you mention my name or link to my blog, that's fine by me :-)

Good luck with your blog!