Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Full Moon In Scorpio

This week the annual full moon in Scorpio is on the 2nd, then the sun reaches 15 degrees of the sign Taurus on the 5th. Meanwhile Venus, ruler of Taurus, is moving to stand in opposition to Pluto, ruler of Scorpio.

Which means Taurus and Scorpio themes abound. Ownership, possessions and relationship to the material world are the realm of Taurus, and what lies beyond, underneath or within it all - the space between - is Scorpio. There's also resources (Taurus) and others resources (Scorpio); your energy and their energy. And the trust issue of relationships. It’s all at the forefront now, and wherever there’s a full moon there’s an amount of tension associated with it, as a full moon represents a culmination of energy, and a change in emotional focus or attitude.

I’m feeling all this in my search for somewhere new to live. My current house is driving me nuts with noisy neighbours and loud traffic (hence blogging is thin on the ground until I get some PEACE to concentrate!). And I’ve been looking for somewhere new for months but I’m renting and it’s a nightmare with my budget and current availablity of properties. Also, my Venus in Taurus doesn’t relish renting ANYTHING off anyone, but unfortunately I have Neptune right opposite Venus. Plenty of character building lessons for me in that one, let me tell you.

Ready to count the Taurus/Scorpio themes? Here goes: I have this deep, abiding resentment of landlords. I have a deep discomfort about being beholden to them for my living space. Many bad experiences in the past have led to a deep mistrust. I don’t like the way some of them take advantage of tenants, and I don’t like that my home is their business. It was all summed up the other day on one of the myriad of property programmes currently flooding UK television screens, when a buyer looking at a potential place was advised it wasn't suitable for him to live in, and was only for the rental market. Apparently it wasn’t nice enough for an owner-occupier, it was only good enough to paint over the cracks and get some tenants in to pay dearly for it.

I’m FED UP of landlords/whoever thinking that if you have little money and few possessions you don’t want a decent place to live, and have no interest in keeping the place you live decent. I could send them something informative on Venus/Neptune contacts I suppose, but I’m too into the idea of the Law of Attraction at the moment. The idea that I'm responsible for my reality through the nature of my thoughts, beliefs, and attitude both excites and repels in equal measure, and this is the crux of my full moon in Scorpio dilemma: dropping the bitter taste of Scorpionic resentment towards the average landlord feels like I'm letting 'them' get away with it, but at the same time, letting it all go and Taurusly owning my reality does curiously feel like the ultimate living space I’ve been craving for years...


Anonymous said...

What about reconsidering sexual identity at a point in time of having reached maturity/children/marriage but still wanting to explore.

Barbara said...

What came to me as I read your comment was Saturn(maturity) in Leo (identity). As it was this full moon post that brought your comment, then there's the question of what is known and secure (Taurus) versus what is unknown (Scorpio).

So perhaps this full moon is the known versus the unknown,in the context of the Saturn/Neptune oppostion that has been around for quite some time now (the moon node is in Pisces, ruler is Neptune, that is the link I saw between moon and Saturn)