Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mars Retrograde In Cancer - Taking It All Very Personally

(Mars is retrograde in Cancer from 15th November to 31st December, after that it moves back into Gemini, returning to move forward through Cancer early March 2008 till early May 08).

I wrote a while ago about the sensitive side of Mars in Cancer and its tendency to therefore have a low tolerance level for irritation and frustration (read that here). Well Mars in Cancer is now retrograde (appearing to move backwards), which means there's much more chance of feeling tetchy and snappish until we settle in to the change in direction that's now making itself known in a personal way for each of us. It's a whole new comfort zone for Cancer and that takes some getting used to.

Retrograde phases are famous for throwing up delays and obstacles into our path, but I have a theory that it's when we don't turn with the change in direction that we end up walking into the wind with a sinking feeling that the universe is attempting to thwart every best effort we make. Then it's a quick downward spiral into futility and hopelessness, punctuated by inappropriate fuse-blowing, courtesy of life's little banana-skin-on-pavement moments, until we find a way to go with the flow instead of fighting against the current stream of energy. As it's Mars that is the planet in question I'm not sure how possible it is to kick and scream your way to inner poise, so it might be best to develop a good sense of humour pretty quickly to see you through this settling-in phase.

To help you along here's Basil Fawlty's coping mechanism for the straw that breaks the camel's back. We've all been there, in thought if not in deed, just taking it all too personally; and Mars retrograde in Cancer is the beckoning finger of fate that wants to take you there all over again (and again, and again).

P.S. Basil Fawlty is a character based on a real life hotel owner Donald Sinclair, born with Sun in Cancer square Moon in Aries. Not exactly Mars in Cancer but not far off).

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tumblewords said...

Omg, I have tears running down my cheeks from laughter. I know this feeling, I may even know that car! Thanks for a delightful and insightful post!

Anonymous said...

My Teenage daughter said Save the Drama for your Mama! Speaking to her own mother ME taking things too personally! MOI.. Aquarius.

Twilight said...

LOL! thanks for the giggle, Barbara.

I'm probably going to go for "inappropriate fuse-blowing" during this phase....I rather like the sound of it. ;-)

Barbara said...

Twilight, mars in cancer is coming to square my moon in aries so I'll probably be going for that approach too :-o