Friday, November 09, 2007

Scorpio New Moon

This new moon takes place on the 9th Nov, around 11.05pm GMT. New moons are strongly associated with beginnings, while Scorpio is strongly associated with endings, so the beginning of the ending looks a logical theme to run with, especially with Scorpio ruler Pluto so near the end of its stay in Sagittarius.

Some people often look at astrology and the like for signs of doom to worry about, and there’s nothing like the mention of the beginning of the end to set folk off worrying we’re all headed for hell in a handbag especially when there’s an unexpected comet on the loose and 2012 is a date about to figure highly in any five year plan instead of just being a sci-fi theme or ancient manuscript reference; but what I’m discovering at the moment is that beginnings of endings can be more like a welcome light at the end of the tunnel, which is why I’ve decided to now interpret the Comet Holmes appearance as exactly that.

You see, this week was a bit of a week for me. I’ve had agoraphobia for years (which intensified dramatically once Pluto hit the 4th house cusp of my chart a while ago btw). But this week on the day that the sun hit 15 degrees of Scorpio, in fabulous aspect to freedom planet Uranus, and Scorpio ruler Mars, I suddenly ended up out and about on my own for the first time in many years, wandering around like a comet on the loose. And today I went back to the shops and stayed in there long enough to know the other time wasn’t a fluke. I was only vaguely aware of the exact astrology of now, having been all engrossed in my healing stuff for the past couple of weeks (how Scorpio in itself), so it was a bit satisfying to say the least to see the astro significance in all its glory.

If you’ve ever had a panic attack or you’ve a fear of heights, or enclosed spaces, or the dark, or the dentists, or spiders, birds, mice, love or commitment, flying/driving, life or death, etc etc, then you’ll have an idea of the kind of fear that goes with agoraphobia, and anyone who doesn’t relate at all to any experience of ‘irrational fear’, you’re either very very lucky or in complete emotional denial, and I don’t relate at all to you. It’s only now I’m realising the utter gift of this kind of experience, in the positive broadening and deepening of self-knowing that comes in direct relative proportion to the intensity of the negative experience. The balance of it feels like perfect justice. True it’s bittersweet, as I spent the best part of ten years chasing a freedom I only half believed existed, and I won’t get those ten years back (grief and loss is another Scorpio theme); but there’s no way on earth I would exchange what I’ve learnt about myself and the world as a result. Who would have thought an agoraphobic could learn anything about the outside world, but there you go.

I’m going to be writing more on this in connection to Pluto transits in particular, but wanted to mention it in connection with this new moon, because I'm feeling the joy at the moment of realising that while there’s no point (and no need) trying to be positive about whatever it is that is turning you inside out, there’s every reason to feel positive about the potential of the direction you are headed in as a direct result of the negative experience itself.


Madeline said...

Hello-- love your blog. Visit me at I write light.. am more of a motivational teacher and spiritual guide than anything relse, with astrology and metaphsychics as my framework..I do live a magical life.

I AM SO THRILLED FOR YOU that the agorophobia up and left as Uranus transited.. how appropriate and how much FREEDOM are you enjoying now?? WOO HOO!!

I would LOVE for you to write some more about PLUTO as I have him right at my Midheaven right now and of course opposite the I.C.

I actually had a professional astrologer "friend" say to me "Well, some people actually DIE during this transit."

I am only 54 and pretty healthy and happy so this was disconcerting, not the way i read charts, generally..

Jupiter is also there--so-- WRIT EMORE ON THIS! THANKS!

Enjoy your work and new found spirit!
MADELINE in Arizona

Barbara said...

Hello Madeline, thankyou so much!!! what a lovely comment to find! you know my freedom is just inching in step by little step at the moment, but it's there, and once it's there there's no going back - that is a Pluto theme if ever there was one :-)

and yes, Pluto on MC - what is it with people who are obsessed with giving negative interpretations? what's that all about?! There are so many ways to experience Pluto alive and kicking, why do people zoom in on the physical death thing? I will be writing more soon as I can on Pluto - one thing I noticed with my chart was I found it difficult to write a word - Pluto is opposing Mercury on my MC!

thanks again Madeline!

Phil said...


It was interesting to get an astrological perspective on agoraphobia. I have struggled with that as well as other kinds of social anxiety problems.

Fortunately I have made a lot of progress (am mostly better now). I basically go to Social Anxiety Anonymous telephone support groups (the groups are free-- they are a nonprofit organization and so their is no charge for their groups at all):

Barbara said...

hi Phil, thankyou, and am pleased you've made progress! will check out the link, and I would add I have found EFT (emotional freedom technique) quite brilliant for this. Takes time, like all this stuff, but it's one of the best self help treatments I've encountered.
best wishes :) xx