Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pluto In Capricorn Today

So here it is, Pluto’s now in Capricorn. Only thing different today than yesterday for me is that my kettle stopped working overnight. The little light switches on but kettle no longer heats up (the loss of fire element from Sagittarius perhaps?!), so it was back to basics with a pan of water on the stove to make tea. Which led me, while jumping from one foot to the other in frustration, to contemplate the time it takes to do stuff, and how time is the boss; then remembered Capricorn is associated with bosses, time, and learning to take things nice and slowly. As Pluto is moving through my 4th house, ruling home and domestic matters, it makes for a relevant metaphor I suppose, along with all the packing boxes I am surrounded in, ready to move house.

Although I don’t read news very often anymore I had a quick scan today, looking for Pluto related stories, and saw this one about the last deep coal mine in Wales closing yesterday (Pluto of course is connected to anything underground, especially mines and their resources).

The pit closed in 1994 and staff pooled their redundancy money to buy it, reopening it in January 1995; the month that Pluto first went into Sagittarius. But now it has had to close again, at the very end of Pluto’s journey through that sign as the mine has run out of coal.
Pluto is the planet of endings, and the heavy, mixed emotions that come with the feeling of letting go of the past and turning with trust to walk into an unknown future, and the biggest challenge of Pluto is often in remembering that ‘unknown future’ doesn’t mean ‘no future'. One of the staff who had worked there all his life, along with his ancestors before him said poignantly ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do on Monday’.
(Full story is here)


huskydoo said...

Hi beautiful Barbara, an interesting read again.
Im a Sagittarius and my Pluto related story goes something like this... in 1995 I decided to go and study, and with great sucsess I graduated from UNI 1999 and fell into a good job...something I thought would never happen!... and things have been on the up and up...

The changes im going through now due to a bit of Pluto influence is a definate feeling of leaving part of my pearsonatly and life experiance behind and its not bad thing, as I feel im moveing on to even bigger and better things...definatly a positve Sagittarius...

It was by chance I ended up reading my horoscope in The Crack magazine.. I was amazed how accurate it was.... as on the 24th I completed on the byeing of my first home (something I thought I would never do! a change in my personatly definatly).. this home will involve a 24 year period paying for it, along with many new experiances....

Wow, Im so happy that I found you here Barbara I love reading what you have to say and I allways look forward to reading more.
I wish you good luck in your new home and hope Sagittarius returns some fire for your kettle..

Barbara said...

Thankyou soooo much for writing! What a fabulous story, I loved reading how plugged into Pluto you are.

I wish you every happiness in your new home, and thankyou for reading my horoscopes too, I rely on feedback to know how I am doing really, and it's lovely to hear when people like what I'm doing.

I'm off to buy a new kettle now :-)