Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Equinox, Full Moon And Pluto

This year the Sun begins it's journey through the sign of Aries on 20th March at about 5.40am GMT. It's really the beginning of a new astrological year at this point (it's why all rams will tell you they must come first in everything), so this is significant energy - a turning of the tide in a big way. And this year it's happening under the build up to a full moon, which is also big energy; also indicating a turning tide, and therefore for all of us caught up in this cosmic current there's a feeling of moving or shifting in direction or perspective in situations. It's the sense of knowing that you aren't where you were recently on important matters, and in keeping with all this particular equinox energy it's 'in a big way'.

Especially so with Pluto, planet of rebirth in close aspect to the sun in Aries. The Pluto conflict is always trust versus control; the dilemma being how to trust and go with the flow of a situation that is largely an unknown quantity, when every instinct wants to reach out and shape it into something familiar and known (better the bugger you know, and all that).

But unless you feel you're in the dark about where you're headed, you just aren't in there with Pluto. It's when you feel you must be raving mad for having brought yourself to this point, on the brink of God knows what, yet knowing there's no going back - that is when Pluto is present and breathing down your neck. No going back but no earthly way of knowing what the future holds if you take a step forward. At some point you just have to let go and surrender to the experience (ever seen the Dog Whisperer? he calls it submission). And that is when the rebirth or transformation can get going, because there's a brand new you waiting like a light at the end of the tunnel, but until you let go of where you now stand there's just no way of catching up with yourself.

We've all been reached that point more than a few times, with varying degrees of intensity, yet each time always feels like the first (or is that just because I have Pluto in Virgo??), but perhaps no more so than now as the sun moves into Aries we might again end up brand new out of the darkness, blinking and blinded by the freshly risen sun.


tumblewords said...

I feel like I'm being swept away by the tide! So this may be a good thing. When the spinning stops... Nice post. You always write in a very nice conversational style!

Barbara said...

I really do think a change of season feels like being swept away. I think energy is amplified for some reason.

and thankyou for always saying such nice things about my writing! it means a lot to me, as it's the place I most often have Pluto breathing down my neck:-) (mercury in gemini, square pluto in Virgo?)

Avshalom said...

Interesting. I hit this blog through google ,searching for a possible meaning of a dream about a silver ring with the 12 strology signs as decoration on it, and I get to read about Pluto (which is also in Virgo in my case) and God, your description on the Pluto crisis and rebirth is exactly what I needed as far as an ecouragment to not look back as tough and painful as it is, being suspended on air not knowing how my future will unfold. It's amazing how the interent is an integral part of receiving needed information in a synchronistic way. And it's always nice and cool to recieve a silver ring in a dream as well as in reality.
Enjoy the weekend.

Barbara said...

Thankyou SO much for that! I have goose bumps reading your comment. I love synchronicity and it's great to be part of yours :-) It's a fabulous start to my weekend, thankyou!

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from a link from Kathryn Cassidy's blog Collaborating with Fate. Your words about Pluto's work in one's life were exactly right and what I needed to hear. The other comments took the words right out of my mouth. I'm an Aries and after many years of having no romantic relationship and being content and successful on my own, I met a man while traveling in 2006 who sparked my interest. I took a risk and fell in love, as did he. We are not together anymore but we remain hopeful our situations will change and we may have a future. We are on good terms and communicate a little. Here is where Pluto comes in-- I feel a connection to not give up hope on our future and scared that if we don't work out and no one sparks my interest again for a while that I won't ever be as content to be alone like I was. I can't go back now that I have been in love and I have no idea what my romantic future looks like. I feel like I have changed so much but am now left out in a middle of deserted field with no compass, map or cell phone.

Barbara said...

thanks so much for writing this, I am going to use your comment as inspiration for writing about the upcoming new moon in aries, due in a couple of days.
I know where you are coming from, btw, so you are not alone in that field! I am really being challenged to walk it like I talk it at the moment :-) it's not easy, but I am a huge believer that the best vision we can hold of a situation can happen.