Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July Horoscopes

It's July! So have a look at what's in store for your sign here


Anonymous said...

Wow, I think I'm in love.

A relatively sane astrologer and cute too! Can I see your chart? ;)

I think the critical planetary energy this year is going to be 2005 FY9 (currently opposing Uranus.) It hasn't been named yet, but I expect it will be by the end of the year, when its effects will become apparent.

Barbara Palliser said...

ha ha! how lovely thankyou... yes, relatively sane, and no you can't see my chart! well, I might show you mine if you show me yours :-D

but how interesting about this 2005 FY9 - what's all that about, I don't know anything about it... do you have a blog with details? or do you want to share more? why is this one special? what do you see happening with it?

It's in Virgo right? so there might be something visible when Mars conjuncts early August?

Anonymous said...

2005 FY9 (informally dubbed 'Easterbunny') is the largest plutoid yet unnamed, and is currently at 23 Virgo.

The reason it is significant is because it has been opposing the Uranus t-square of the last several months, but because it hasn't been named yet, I believe the opposition hasn't been very conspicuous. (Gee, sorta like the Easterbunny ;)

As you correctly pointed out, we're heading towards fast planet conjunctions with FY9 (Mars, then Merc/Venus, Sun, and ultimately Saturn close by year's end.)

Again, the energy cannot be dismissed by virtue of the object's size. It is larger than all plutoids except Eris and Pluto, and we all know their significance.

It should form a formidable conjunction along with Saturn over the next few years to fortify it in opposition to Uranus, and is an energy to be reckoned with.

Barbara Palliser said...


easter bunny hmmmmm.... I know the names always seem to reflect the essence no matter how daft it seems... there must be echoes of pagan fertility symbols in there... I wonder what the official name will be?