Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Moon Eclipse In Leo On 1st August

It's one of my fave times in the astro year, new moon in Leo, and this one's an eclipse, which makes it a doorway for events that have long-lasting significance. I know eclipses used to be considered harbingers of doom, but there's always a positive side to tap into instead, this being a universe built on the principle that light and shade are an essential part of all things. So what are the positive elements that make up this eclipse?

Well first off there's the actual new moon in Leo, the sign of 'energy follows attention', with it's shining heart and twinkle in the eye (romance, or paparazzi flashes, it's all Leo). New moon's are all about new phases, like a freshly dug garden all paused and waiting to grow, and it's the desires born of current circumstances that seed the garden; so eclipses tend to birth very strong desire for future fulfilment out of what's happening now.

Mercury (communication/information) stands right near the eclipse point, and Venus (value/worth/relationship) is in Leo too, right opposite Neptune (imagination/path of least resistance) in Aquarius. All these keywords are being expressed through the Leo vibe that runs through your life, so look how important those keywords become during eclipse time in relation to, for example, matters of the heart and art, what or who turns you on to life and presses all your favourite buttons, what or who you find entertaining, fun, fabulous, warm, starry-eyed and blingy; and of course don't forget this side of yourself and how and where it's expressing.

Meanwhile there's a punchy opposition forming between Mars (desire and the call to action) and Uranus (like lightning and a catalyst for change), on the Virgo/Pisces axis, setting those keywords up as opposing circumstances within an 'order versus chaos' theme, or a 'like clockwork' versus 'go with the flow' scenario. Mars/Uranus can be a tad unpredictable, because it can be about sudden or unexpected action, but there's a way to sense what's coming by feeling the crackling tension in the air, or the caged butterflies in the belly, where freedom-seeking action becomes the relieving anti-dote.

If I had to pick one word to define the Leo wavelength I would pick 'appreciation', just because there is so much that is sunny, special, uplifting, warm and important about that word, and even with the snarly Liam Gallagher-esque two fingered salute of Mars/Uranus, or the yearny (sometimes whiney) lament of Venus/Neptune, it's going to be the fulfilment of the eclipse-seeded desire for giving/receiving appreciation that will really move and shake the heart of a situation for months to come.

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