Saturday, January 02, 2010

January Horoscopes

Happy 2010 :)

21st March – 20th April

It’s quite a trip for Aries at the mo, what with your ruler Mars on a return to the past in matters of the heart, and a gathering of planets piling on pressure in the aims and ambitions section of your chart, as well as a rather significant solar eclipse there on the 15th. It means that plans, especially career plans, are right at the forefront of your agenda and current events are reflecting that too. Because the nature of a solar eclipse is to frame a new emotional landscape for the coming months, whatever is happening this month is going to drive events and shape your attitude to them, for some time to come.

21st April – 21st May

There’s a solar eclipse on the 15th, in the beliefs and perspectives angle of your chart, which means events are making you consider and evaluate your views on life, love and the universe more strongly. As there’s been other planets active at this angle too for a while, it’s likely that this has held importance one way or the other for some time now, and possibly a process of reviewing outdated beliefs (about yourself especially) has already got underway, but as the new year gets going there’s no better time to start believing in yourself in a whole new way.

22nd May – 21st June

Your ruler Mercury is moving forward again, symbolising a positive turning point or turnaround for you in current situations and this is happening during an important solar eclipse around the 15th. Eclipses are like scene setters; they focus and amplify energy to point to themes that will weave through events for months to come. This one falls in the area of your chart linked to trust, and it’s really only about trusting yourself even when it seems others are part of the equation. In other words, trust that it can’t hurt to let go of what you can’t control.

22nd June – 22nd July

There’s a solar eclipse on the 15th; eclipses are always important in astro symbolism but especially so for Cancer, as your ruling planet is the moon and you have a special affinity with the wax and wane of those lunar cycles. This eclipse has extra significance too as it’s happening in your house of relationships, indicating turning points, turnarounds, beginnings, endings, and all sorts of meaningful events unfolding regarding relationships, partnerships, contracts and commitments, and what is meaningful during January seems to stay that way for months to come.

23rd July – 23rd August

2010 kicks off with a significant solar eclipse in the problem-solving angle of your chart on the 15th. Problems might seem to be amplified around that point, but it also means that solutions are there too. Eclipses are energy amplifiers, which is why things seem bigger and louder, but the process for solution-seeking is the same for both mountains and molehills, which is to keep focused on where you want to go rather than the issue itself; and to help catch your attention there’s some fabulous full moon energy on the 30th, when desire planet Mars meets love goddess Venus right in your relationship chart.

24th August – 22nd September

Eclipses set up dominant themes for the coming months and there’s a solar eclipse on the 15th that takes place in the matters of the heart angle of your chart. Which means there’s important events on the way circling around romance, creativity, fun, or whatever else it is that makes your heart soar. Eclipses can indicate big turning points in direction, and as your ruling planet Mercury is going through a change of direction at the same time, looking forward instead of looking back, it can mean 2010 gets off to a significant start.

23rd September – 23rd October

Saturn, planet of authority and rules, has been in your sign for a few months now, which means you’ve had time to get used to being the boss, or better said, a law unto yourself. Saturn turns retrograde (appears to move backwards) midmonth, which always means a turnaround in your approach to situations, as well as gaining different perspectives. There’s also the idea of reconstructing or reviewing your past, especially around solar eclipse time on the 15th, when the sun and moon meet in the angle ruling memories and feelings. Being comfy with yourself has never felt so important.

24th October – 22nd November

A solar eclipse on the 15th is happening in the communication angle of your chart. Eclipses are sort of culmination points of energy, where events unfold that can have long lasting effects, sometimes ending up as being profound developments in direction when viewed with hindsight. Your ruler Pluto meets communication planet Mercury here too, indicating a turnaround in situations where information or getting the message across is your priority; meanwhile co-ruler Mars is moving your focus back to basics in the long-term plans section of your chart, and what better time of the year to do so?

23rd November – 21st December

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is switching signs this month. For the past year there’s been an emphasis on your communication and getting the message across in situations, then from the 18th the focus moves to comfort zones, so till 2011 it’s about stretching and expanding them. Emotional attachments, home and hearth, it’s all going to figure highly in the unfolding of events. There’s also a big solar eclipse on the 15th, in the finance and property angle of your chart. Things happen around solar eclipses that have long lasting emotional effects (though sometimes the benefits are only seen with hindsight).

22nd December – 20th January

Big start to the year for Cap, with an important solar eclipse in your sign on the 15th, as well as your ruler Saturn going retrograde (appearing to move backward) around the same time, until May. Saturn does this every year, and it symbolises a sort of restructuring process going on wherever Saturn is in your chart, at the moment this is your house of longterm plans and ambitions. Meanwhile the solar eclipse sets the tone of future events: whatever is going around that time (say a week either way of the 15th) can reverberate through situations somehow for months, even years to come.

21st January – 18th February

The solar eclipse on the 15th is important because whatever happens around an eclipse seems to stay significant for ages. For you the eclipse is working its energy in a kind of unconscious way, so keep a dream diary handy at night, and go with the flow of daydreaming and see where you keep ending up. The sun moves into your sign from the 20th, which again is a perspective enhancer, as is the full moon on the 30th, falling in the relationship zone of your chart; Venus is meeting Mars there, so opposites are attracting all over the place.

19th February – 20th March

Jupiter, planet of abundance and upliftment, starts a yearlong journey through your sign from the 18th. Pisces has a strong affinity with Jupiter so the vibes are good and easy from the start; doors that were closed in situations start to open, including those doors of perception, so expect changes in the way you’ve been seeing things to start happening, for the better. Just before that, on the 15th, there’s a solar eclipse in the hopes and dreams angle of your chart. This is the best time ever to sort some New Year resolutions and start living them.


Anonymous said...

Hello Barbara,
I have read the Capricorn horoscope. So far this year has been familiar with what is written
in the artical. I have always been curious about Astrology how it is written or why. I have based my life around science in a way of how things are done mentally and physically and it's structure.
I've heard England is a beautiful
Dashboard, Telepathy

Signed, Piece of mind.

Barbara said...

Hi there, thanks for saying hello. I think astrology can appeal to a science orientated mind, so perhaps its time to get studying it :) I do work intuitively with it, but then science relies on intuition too, I beleive, in order to make those big leaps forward in thinking.
and yes england is beautiful, especially right now in this blue sky spring weather :)