Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Solar Eclipse In Capricorn Jan 15th 2010

Eclipses are BIG signposts in astrology; big neon flashing signposts that shout ‘this is the way forward!’ Eclipses tend to happen two at a time, within a couple of weeks of each other (during New Years Eve we had a lunar eclipse in Capricorn, and now we’ve got the solar eclipse two weeks later to make the matching pair), and eclipses also happen twice a year, within about six months of each other. On top of that, they cycle through different signs of the zodiac over a period of about 19 years.

Each sign that the eclipses fall in can indicate the way forward through current life challenges because each sign has a particular way of approaching life; each sign has its own way of going about things and responding to problems and challenges, so whatever sign you are, and whatever it is you are personally going through (and eclipses do tend to stir up quite a bit of stuff that can stay relevant for months to come sometimes), these January eclipses are indicating a call for a Capricorn-esque response.

So what’s the underlying essence of the rumblings and stirrings that current situations have been bringing to your attention over the past few weeks? Eclipses are about moon cycles, and the moon rules emotions and feelings; so it’s about the emotions (usually negative at first) that situations are putting you in touch with - Powerlessness? Frustration? Overwhelment? For example, As I write this, the UK (whose sun-sign is Capricorn), is under an unusually heavy blanket of snow and ice. Collectively we’re all feeling the frosty pinch of popular Capricorn emotional metaphors: we’re all feeling a bit snowed under; a bit under the weather, a bit overwhelmed, a bit powerless against outside forces. We’re feeling a bit put in our place by the authority of the elements. It’s all very Capricorn, and it’s all very magnified, in that way that eclipses have about them.

But like I said earlier, just as eclipses stir up the kind of stuff very much associated with the sign they fall in, they also how they point to the way through it all: this is the flashing neon signpost that answers the question ‘how do I get through this eclipse stuff’ with ‘do it the Capricorn way’. Which means in its most positive sense Capricorn is a sign aware of current limits while not feeling defeated about future ambitions. It’s a sign that can look long-term, plays the long game by taking things step by step, and knows that day by day those steps mount up to something solid in structure.

Capricorn is very much aware of time, and like Old Father Time (a key symbol of the Capricorn season), is aware of its own mortality and therefore the temporary nature of all situations. Surrendering to the authority of time and trusting that all things happen in good time, turns out to be a potent stress reliever too; so basically, rather than being buffeted by overwhelming thoughts of the impassable, impossible limits of today, the Capricorn eclipse emotional rescue remedy is to quietly keep in mind that just like the heaviest of winter snow, in the grand scheme of things, ‘this too shall pass’.

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