Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Full Blue Moon In Aquarius 21st August 2013

So it’s the second full moon in the sign of Aquarius, which means we have a blue moon. Yep, it’s true they don’t happen that often, and this ‘once in a blue moon’ idea harmonises well with the symbolism of the sign of Aquarius too, which is all about one offs, uniqueness and rare happenings.

A full moon symbolises emotional fulfilment, or the painful awareness of the lack of it. It’s about timing, movement and momentum; situations that have been stuck or at stalemate often start to shift at full moon time. Again, in this particular case, it’s all likely to reflect and relate to a current ‘once in a blue moon’ experience we having in our lives right now, defined by unusual or uncommon events unfolding; a break in the normal routine.

And on top of that, the Aquarian vibes add their unique and original flavour to proceedings. Right now certain situations are helping us realise how much we love freedom. It suggests situations are bringing out our controversial, unconventional, independent and uncompromising side. Uncensored and uncut, unruffled by the expectations of others we are all in the mood to go our own sweet way and follow the beat of our own drum to emotional fulfillment. Starting tonight. Enjoy :) 

Image of tonight's full blue moon in Aquarius by Fiona McGee

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