Wednesday, August 07, 2013

News Of Sun's Magnetic Field Reversing

So its a weird thing that I noticed early on when studying astrology that what is in the news reflects the symbolism of the skies. 

 At the moment the sun is making a lovely angle to planet Uranus (called a trine). The aspect links Sun and Uranus together and mixes and merges all their symbolism. Uranus is the planet that is associated with revolutions, disruptions, breaks of routine and disruption of the prevailing order. It also is associated with electricity and magnetic fields, as well as the magnetic poles of a planet (as Uranus is the planet with the wonky axis). So the announcement that the sun is about to experience a magnetic pole shift that will reverse its polarity, fits purrrrfectly with the astrology at the moment (especially as yesterday was new moon in Leo, a time of something new from the sign the sun rules). I love astrology.

read about it here..

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