Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Full Moon in Cancer 16th January 2014

This is the latest post from my Facebook page, Bond With The Moon.
The first full moon of 2014 is at 04.52am, UK time, on Thursday 16th January. It's the annual full moon in Cancer, a sign that links to home and hearth, parenting, children, comfort zones, safe spaces to grow, and safe places to dwell.

Over the next few days, while the moon looks full in the sky, moodiness, neediness or restlessness might be amplified (as well as full moon insomnia) because moon in Cancer especially amplifies emotion, and therefore doubts and fears, around unmet needs or lack of fulfilment.

Be kind to yourself (and others) regarding your hunger for 'more' from life, whatever it might be. Soothe inner doubts and fears of never receiving more or better, as that's just insecurity talking. Instead, talk yourself into comfort and peace of mind regarding what is left to do or receive, or what you don't know how to do or receive.
Allow yourself to feel all feelings; to accommodate and accept them, to be compassionate about your own discomforts, rather than feeding them to silence them with habits such as comfort eating/drinking/shopping etc.

Moon in Cancer is a sensitive, deeply emotional and connecting time; it symbolises both your inner child and inner parent and how the call is to recognise and be both to yourself. Nurture, nourish, shelter, repeat.

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