Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Moon In Capricorn on New Years Day 2014

I have a page on Facebook that I have just started, called Bond With The Moon. It's not restricted to astrology, there's going to be tarot, healing, sacred geometry and all kinds of lovely spiritual stuff. This is a recent photo post. Visit and 'like' if you like :)


mike said...

Thanks for the January interesting prelude into our 2014. A big Happy New Year to you, Barbara! You've been through so much and I'm sure blue skies and a warm breeze are ahead for you...set sail toward your future! I'm not a Facebooker, so don't forget your blog friends.1231

Barbara said...

aww thanks Mike, yes Happy New Year to you too!! I won't forget my blog friends don't you worry :) I have a website planned for this year; I couldn't write about my cancer experience as it was happening, but am finding now I am processing it that I am wanting to express what I have come to as a result of it all... the new perspective I have gained, kind of thing.