Monday, February 22, 2016

Virgo Full Moon 22nd February 2016

It's a full moon when the sun and moon stand opposite each other in the zodiac, and today at around 18.20pm here in the UK the Virgo moon reaches its most opposite position from the Pisces sun. 

The full moon symbolises the coming together and alignment of opposites - it's a time when situations composed of seemingly irreconcilable differences can find some balance and connection.

Virgo is the sign that appreciates detail and definition, while Pisces is just fine with a thumbnail sketch. Virgo believes it's the little things that matter, while Pisces prefers a soft focus filter. Pisces lives for the experience of 'oneness' (falling in love, appreciating a sunset or piece of music, etc) while Virgo enjoys categorising (everything has its place).

Both very different signs, yet with elements that can work together and co-create brilliantly if both sides are incorporated in positive ways. 

Notice during the days before and after any full moon where this balancing of opposites is taking place for you right now; within the self and in outside circumstances, and appreciate what the movement into alignment moves within you and around you. 


Sarah Price said...

Lovely reading this! Mums birthday is today and is obviously Pisces and I'm 20 sept and a Virgo. We do everything together and never fall out. It seems to be a harmonious relationship. We go away together quite a bit and we can just be in each other's company and not need to speak or laugh until we cry. I have also had breast cancer and it has changed me for the better. I no who I am now! And I'm happy to be able to share my time with my mum who I appreciate a lot more. Infact, I now appreciate everything Xxx

Barbara said...

Hiya Sarah, thankyou so much for commenting! Arrr that is so lovely to hear about your relationship with your mother and Happy Birthday to her! What a lovely day to have a birthday, a full moon, - lots of energy for the year ahead. Yes I know what you mean about breast cancer changing us for the better! It is a strange thing to say, but yes I feel the same, I know me more now than I ever have. I too developed a much happier relationship with my parents as a result. My lovely dad just died in september and it would have been his birthday in a couple of days, another Pisces :) will miss him so much this year, but am so happy for the years we were all a lot closer as a result of the breast cancer experience. Thanks again for reading and commenting! xxx