Monday, March 07, 2016

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces, 8th/9th March 2016

Just before 2am UK time on 9th March, there’s a powerful new moon (new moon = new beginnings) along with an eclipse (eclipse = events with long-term significance) in the sign of Pisces (blending, solutions, magic, miracles, faith, dreams, emotions, art, healing and Spirituality).

For a few days before and a few days after that culmination point, the energy is especially heightened; moods are intensified and events seem to take on extra significance or urgency.
Events around this eclipse revolve around Pisces themes such as:
-     Going with the flow (doesn't mean keeping the peace to avoid argument, and does mean going with the flow of your dreams and true nature),
-          Surrender (doesn't mean give up on yourself, and does mean get out of your own way)
-          Melting resistance or defences
-          Forgiveness of your own or other’s mistakes or imperfections
-          Heartfelt interactions with others, overflowing emotions, and the power of having a good cry
-          Magic and miracles as normal everyday life (they actually are normal, everyday occurrences)
-          Art, music, dancing (anything to do with feet is Pisces related!)
-          Spirituality, meditation, dreamwork, daydreams, or anything that puts you in touch with the untouchable, non-physical realms and states.

Eclipses are also about the temporary overshadowing of something by something else. It might feel like your dreams and desires are being overshadowed or blocked, but remember it’s temporary and your dreams and desires remain alive and well despite all that, and are nourished by your positive attention on them. 

The message is to not allow any of the above Pisces themes to be drowned out, or to allow them to drown out something very important to you, as you miss out on the wonderful creative heightened positive energy carried on the eclipse wave.

Working at staying centred, grounded and in tune with yourself (rather than being swayed by moods or currents of the outside world) helps to not be distracted or overshadowed by negative events or obstacles, and is the key to getting the best out of any powerful astrological event.

Meditation, extra sleep, spending time in or around water are all Pisces ways of grounding and recharging. The qualities of opposite sign of Virgo is also relevant - the desire to sort things out, clear clutter and improve efficiency is strong now, and with Jupiter, planet of expansion and opportunity is currently in Virgo, the increased opportunity to do so is of great value.

The general pattern of planets for this eclipse indicates a time of deep emotional connection with what really matters to you, from the inside out. Anything that happens over the eclipse period is for that reason, regardless of what it appears to be. It’s a time when Love can triumph and the power of kindness and compassion (especially towards yourself in current situations) can dissolve defenses and blocks. It’s a time for long-held hopes, dreams and wishes to start to come true, triggering events that will unfold fully in the long-term; over weeks, months and even years to come. 

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