Wednesday, October 05, 2005

All Ablaze

The ring of fire was captured beautifully by Klipsy on Monday. More of his past eclipse photos here.
This is our dominant psyche symbol for the forseeable, as we move swiftly onto the next stage in the astro drama with an approaching conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter, again in the sign of Libra. Remembering that Libra loves relationships, I am starting to think that the keyword for this whole period of current planet patterns is UNION. The Moon eclipsed the Sun, while Venus and Mars were confronting each other, and now we have Mercury and Jupiter occupying the same degree.
The signs Gemini, Virgo, Sadge and Pisces are most influenced by this Merc/Jupiter get together, but for everyone it's about mind expanding experiences.
(photo used with permission)



kostas said...

Very good info!
How about Aquarius?
Regards from Greece.

Barbara Palliser said...

Hi Kostas,
Thankyou for your comment... Aquarius...well Aquarius is interesting because there is this link between that sign and Pisces at the moment, in the same spirit as the Mars/Venus thing that is happening in Taurus/Scorpio.... Ruling planet of Aquarius (Uranus) is in Pisces, while ruling planet of Pisces (Neptune) is in Aquarius. Its a rare event as these are both very slow moving planets, the effects are lasting over a number of years.
At the moment though, Neptune in Aquarius is making a beautiful aspect to the Sun/South Node in Libra, which I will be posting about soon. This is great for imagination, idealism, art, creativity, mysticism, music, romance... and with the South Node involved there is always some link to the past too.
Mix that with with the Merc/Jupiter meeting and I would say it's a time for Aquarius to feel at one with their ideas and perspectives, and it's also a time when the next logical step is also leap of faith.