Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sun and Jupiter: Pride and Prejudice

This weekend Sun meets Jupiter for the final chapter of the Libra story that has been running for the past few weeks. It’s like a Leo meeting up with a Sagittarius: lots of fire, lots of enthusiasm, and lots of friendly banter hiding behind passionate conviction. There’s also creativity, philosophical perspectives, generosity, bags of faith and optimism, sweeping statements and thumbnail sketches. In fact just put ‘lots of’ before everything and you get the Jupiter idea.
This combination makes the bright side of the road even brighter, but it also makes for those positivity workshops where an over-excited convert sweats into a headset microphone, and whips a hungry for hope audience into a frenzy of feel-good merchandise purchasing.

The Libra influence brings it all to the realm of relationships too, so get ready for big gestures, promises and proposals that are written in fireworks in the sky, and that sort of thing. But there's also over-reacting in arguments. Mountains and molehills.
Both the highs and lows of a Sun/Jupiter combination stem from the feeling of being extra lucky. Super-size lucky. If you feel you can’t lose, you are bound to push the boat out a bit, and then the consequences always seem to match the odds.
Message is to enjoy the warm faith and enthusiastic bubble for life and love, but don’t quote too heavily from the ‘you only live once’ school of wisdom. It only takes one ‘live for today’ and before you know it you have a handful of spent lotto lucky dips, and nothing but a neat pile of scratchcard dustings to show for your uber-belief in ‘seize the moment’ style clichés. On the other hand (Libra scales you see), on the other hand It Just Might Be You.

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