Sunday, October 16, 2005

Full Moon Eclipse In Aries Tomorrow

The Sun is in Libra and the Moon in the opposite sign of Aries. I put my interpretation of the Libra pattern in earlier posts, and the Moon in Aries brings a new energy to that pattern. Like all things Aries it's an 'as the crow flies' energy. Direct and to the point, Aries wants what it wants and that's the end of it. No moralising, no discussion, just how can I make this happen for myself as quickly as possible. Bravery and courage are born as a result of this, as well as an open agenda - no point in being secretive about something so important as personal wish fulfillment (And what could be more important than the wishes of The Ram?).
There are countless ways this theme could play out for people, but I think for everyone there will be a general need to prioritise, to honour our desires, stand up and be counted and act on what is really important to us. The Libra new moon presented options, and choices to be made from those options. To make those choices we have to know what it is we really want... enter full moon in Aries. And as it's the second half of this eclipse season, it will all feel more relevant, the impact more widespread, the results long-term.

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