Monday, August 04, 2008

Mars Meeting Makemake


Makemake (pronounced maki-maki or mah-kay mah-kay) is the newly named dwarf planet 2005 FY9, discovered back in March 2005 and officially christened last month

Don't know that much about the astrology of asteroids or the new planets, as I tend to not see the wood for the trees when there's too much info in a chart, but was inspired recently to start looking, and especially at Makemake after JB left me a comment about it, and about it being at 23 Virgo at the mo. Uranus of course has been hanging around the opposition point in Pisces for a while now, and now Mars is heading for the 23 Virgo spot on the 8th.

So there's a good opportunity for some research into the meaning of this new planet by watching to see if you can spot some of the symbolism in your own experience at the moment... don't forget it's nickname was 'easterbunny' until the offical one came along, which to me packs it full of the pagan fertility vibe - eggs, hares, rabbits, etc - and the man who named Makemake chose it because his wife was pregnant. So if you notice any Mad Mars March Hares appearing or you have ideas about how the Makemake myth might relate to astrology, do share with a comment.

- Fabulous Makemake aspectarian is here (this whole site is fabulous, btw)
- Read about the easter bunny here
- And the symbolism of rabbits and hares here
- More on the planet Makemake here
- and on the new planets and Plutoids here

****I can add an update here, thanks to the ever sharp Scorpio perception of Kathryn at Collaborate with Fate, who pointed out to me that MakeMake was the creator god and chief god of the bird cult at Easter Island. On the day that MakeMake aligned with Mars/Uranus, the Olympics started in China, in the Birds Nest stadium, and the opening ceremony had hundreds of people in the formation of a flying bird...

...and certainly the Mars/Uranus opposition reflected the unrest and protest that accompanied the opening of the games.

...and there's more EXCELLENT in depth MakeMake research info from Tracy at Serennu here


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