Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Moon In Virgo 30th August

It's happening around 9pm UK time - the moon in Virgo meets the sun in Virgo at 8 degrees. New moon's indicate new phases of experience coming into being, and with Virgo involved it means bringing definition to intentions for the future. Defining and diagnosing the intention brings more clarity, makes things more specific, and brings desires into sharper focus.

Virgo is the problem-solver when focused on the solution, but can't move beyond critic when focused solely on the problem, so assume a solution is out there, even when it seems far-fetched to do so (which draws in the polarity sign of Pisces the dreamer, symbolising the fulfilment Virgo is reaching for between now and the upcoming full moon in Pisces). Saturn sitting so close by this new moon might make it seem more sensible or inevitable to face a less than ideal reality, but thankfully uplifting Jupiter is in on this too, feeding Saturn some faith in it's own process; a process that in Virgo emphasises how reality is always a work in progress where it's safe to assume there's room for improvement on any less than ideal scenario.

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