Thursday, August 14, 2008

Leo Full Moon Eclipse On 16th

It's time for the second of two eclipses in Leo. We had the new moon eclipse on the 1st, and now the cycle moves into the full moon phase on the 16th.

The Sun in the creative sign of Leo is standing opposite Moon and Neptune in Aquarius. Moon/Neptune is ultra sensitive and responsive - all psychic and open to the flow, so as Aquarius is the sign of freedom and the future, there's bound to be a bit of telepathy or deja-vu going around - expect along the lines of knowing whose calling before they get the idea themselves, and other similar spicy synchronistic cosmic patternings.

The trick to getting the most out of astro oppositions is to find a way to meld the two signs somehow - mind meld them in this case perhaps, like the cool-handed spaceman off Star Trek. So because Leo loves sparkle and Aquarius is all futuristic, perhaps we'll all be wearing silver jumpsuits by Sunday, finally living out the 1960's dream of space age living. But seriously, now would be a great moment to finish off that time machine you've been inventing in your basement as Leo/Aquarius really fits with lightbulb moments and sheer flashes of genius. Or perhaps we're going to hear more on the uber-Neptunian invisibility cloak, news of which has recently appeared (no pun intended) since the last eclipse.

As Leo works from the heart and Aquarius from the head, choose thoughts that put a smile on your face, which will be especially useful to handle the tense Mars/Pluto aspect that's also a strong signature of this eclipse chart. And then there's all the Virgo vibe in there too; Saturn, Mercury and Venus all close together, in happy aspect to Jupiter in Capricorn, which again spells out time machine to me... I tell you, I wish someone would hurry up and invent one, as I swear my first destination would be 2012, so I could come back with proof (and a silver jumpsuit) to reassure folk that THERE'S NO BLOOMIN' END OF THE WORLD JUST BECAUSE THE MAYAN CALENDER IS ENDING THEN.


tumblewords said...

The last paragraph created a full blown belly laugh here. I'd love to see 2012 debunked. And I would envy that you had a silver jumpsuit and mine's plain old pink cotton. :) Nice post, as always.

Barbara said...

:-D thankyou!