Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gemini Rant

You know when you get those Sunsign descriptions.. the sort where Scorpio's are sexy dominatrix detectives, Capricorn's are important empire builders, and Piscean's invented the word mystic? Why do Gemini's only get to be two-faced, fickle, deceptive 2nd-hand car dealers types? I have never yet read a fabulous description of Gemini... Versatile and changeable is not very exciting, and is also the province of all 4 mutable signs (Pisces, Sadge, and Virgo), not just the Twins.
Childlike, fragile, superficial, inconsistant, commitment know I think the people who wrote these descriptions are still smarting and bitter from past relationship failures. The best it gets is 'chatty and flirty'. Not much of a superpower is it...

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