Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Venus In Scorpio: Kate Moss

Another embodiment of the Venus in Scorpio energy is the Kate Moss cocaine kerfuffle.(Not sure why it was such big news though, as her b.f. is the pale, damp-skinned Pete Doherty for gawd's sake). Venus in Scorpio likes having something to hide, as well as secretly liking everyone finding out - Kate allegedly believes this is going to raise her profile, and it probably will.
Her chart, if the birthdate is correct, shows an early degree Scorpio Moon, which means Venus was around that spot when the story broke. Venus is also in opposition to her Mars in Taurus. This, as I mentioned previously, is where Mars is now, and along with the upcoming eclipse, where all the astro action is focused, for the forseeable. So here is something to watch for: Mars retrogrades on October 2nd, and then stops on the degree of Kate's Mars in early December, returning to this current degree next Feb. Astrology is suggesting that this is a significant time for Kate, that the story began in early August, and that it isn't over yet.
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