Sunday, September 04, 2005

Most Haunted's New Moon in Virgo

Watched 'Most Haunted Live' on TV. They were investigating a derelict Victorian asylum, on the night of a New Moon in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces. But not that much happened, which is a shame. I really thought they might get some strange happenings for this one, but only thing really was a sudden bad smell that they blamed on the ghosts.
Most Haunted is addictive viewing though. Sometimes scary, and exciting, often silly, frustrating, even cringey, but always fantastic television. It’s that eerie green night vision camera, making the pupils of everyone’s eyes shine out in an uncomfortable looking way (never outshining the sparkle of psychic Derek Acorah's diamond earring, of course). And the floating ‘orbs’ they keep capturing on film, which we call ‘moths’ and ‘dust’ where I come from. Then there is skeptic Matthew Smith, called in to represent the ‘oh, don’t be silly’ section of society. I have to admit to a slight crush on Matthew tonight though; his unshakable loyalty in the touchy-feely aspect of science seemed somehow strangely attractive.
And now I have been drawn into watching 4 webcams in the various locations, reading the text messages of an audience who are seeing ghosts, mists and orbs where I can only see empty corridors.
Wonder why ghosts are so camera shy. It’s not like that in the other reality TV shows…so many people trying any way to get on TV, but with most ghosts it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to show themselves. Yet they can't wait to tap someone on the shoulder as soon as they try to fall asleep, etc.
So New Moon in Virgo opposing Uranus didn’t make an impact there. One more night of their investigation left.

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