Monday, September 12, 2005

Venus In Scorpio

From now until early October, Venus is in Scorpio. This is deep and hidden dynamics in relationships; control dramas, the ever present power trips, and as always with Scorpio, the issue of revenge.
The essence of this planetary placement was embodied by agony aunt 'Mrs Mills' in the Sunday Times yesterday, in a reply to a question about how to deal with an unexpected meet on street scenario, between questioner and her husband's ex mistress.
The agony aunt (agony being her favourite word, no doubt), urged her to resist temptation to shout direct insults. Instead she says "far better is the unsettling aside that will chip away at her self-confidence for months afterwards. For example, you could have said to your friend, just loud enough for the woman to hear as she passed by '...but it was the smell more than anything else that put him off her in the end..."


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