Thursday, March 29, 2007


I don’t know if it was the Pluto based eclipse we just had, or if it was the shift into the fiery and forceful sign of Aries that did it, but I’ve finally burned through through the worst of those nicotine cravings. It’s taken nearly 3 months to feel ‘normal’ again (but for anyone reading this who is either thinking of giving up, or has just given up – don’t be put off by the length of time - it doesn’t mean I had 3 whole months with NO relief from cravings, it just felt that way a lot of the time).

Only thing is I still can’t go near alcohol, as that was my strongest trigger for a smoke. Give me a gorgeous glass of red wine and a Marlboro Light or twenty and I was in heaven with the door shut, so it has to be avoidance till I’m a bit more used to being smoke-free.

For me the astrology was about north node in Pisces, currently making its way through my sixth house of health and Stuff To Sort. North node sign ruler Neptune (smoke) is of course, in opposition to Saturn (limits), but Pluto seems to have had a lot to do with it all too. Pluto’s been hanging around the IC/4th cusp point of my chart for about a year now, and I feel I’ve done more along the theme of transformation than ever before – including the blog – how do you like the new look?

There was definitely some kind of crescendo of cravings reached around the last eclipse, as if it was the final death throes or something. And then recently, I suddenly realised I couldn’t hear that teeth-grindingly irritating nicotine voice calling anymore, and it was spring; outside the sky was clear and blue, and the daffodils bright yellow like the sun. Maybe it was the equinox, the passing of a season into a whole new energy, I don’t know, but I do know it was worth the dark days to get here.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The New Moon Solar Eclipse In Pisces

Pisces people have a reputation in astrology folklore for being the 'old souls' of the zodiac. I don't know about that, but I do agree with the thinking behind it, because Pisces is a sign associated with transcendental experiences; the kind of experiences that rock your world, take you beyond your current perspective and leave a legacy there's much more going on than meets the physical eye. And it takes courage and the wisdom of lifetimes to deal with all that effectively, because all too often these experiences feel at best transient, and at worse elusive and indefinable.

Pisces is as much about spirituality as it is about drugs, and as much about art as it is about religion, because this sign is about finding the Self by losing the self. We all have Pisces somewhere in our chart so we all have this kind of thing going on somehow, and especially now, as the sun and moon meet in this sign for the new moon eclipse on March 19th at 2.33am GMT. Pluto in Sagittarius is squaring the sun and moon meeting point, meaning that the intense, transformational quality of Pluto in Sagittarius, the sign of beliefs and philosophy, is going to be an active and influential part of the Pisces eclipse pattern. Or in other words, events are strongly suggesting that the best course of action is to Trust The Process, and Go With The Flow, as This Too Shall Pass.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

UK No Smoking Day On 14th March

I stopped smoking on 3rd January this year, and I was doing great up till the full moon eclipse time on 3rd March. Since then I've been hit by intense cravings, and my thoughts seem to revolve around the whole issue of to smoke or not to smoke. I can't sleep at night for the overwhelming ache. Can't write, can't concentrate; I'm spaced out, tearful, with no appetite. It's like I'm heartbroken over the end of a relationship.

So thank goodness for a no smoking day. It stops that feeling of isolation, it puts you back in touch with the reality that there's thousands of others going through the same thing, and thousands of others who've gone through it, come out the other side.

Only thing I don't like about the whole anti-smoking brigade is the use of the message of fear. Bless them, I'm sure they think they are doing it for the right reasons, but I don't think it helps at all painting smoking as the devil's work, or trying to guilt trip or patronise people into stopping. In fact if I had one tip to offer people who are thinking of quitting, it's to keep away from the fear/guilt based stuff, and concentrate on the joy of experiencing what you dreamed about while stuck in the smoking cycle. Feel the joy of fresh air and more cash, of breathing easier and being free of such a high maintenance relationship. It's all good stuff, and you deserve to feel good.

Hopefully I'll be able to write more when I'm through this stage of it (I have high hopes for the new moon in Pisces that is coming up), but for now I'm just following my feelings and going with their spacey, wistful, but defiant flow.

The No Smoking Day website is here
And the site is here, which I found helpful, especially the forum

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Full Moon Eclipse In Virgo On 3rd March

Along with the new moon eclipse (next one is in Pisces in a couple of weeks), full moon eclipses symbolise trends and themes that are important in our lives for months, sometimes years to come. It's always a double event when it happens - one full moon, one new moon - and there's always 2 sets of eclipses a year that run in cycles through the signs.

We're in the season of the Virgo/Pisces cycle of eclipses at the moment. It's easy to tell which season we're in, by checking the sign the north and south nodes of the moon are moving through, because when a full or new moon falls within about 10 degrees of the nodes, you have an eclipse (find out more about moon nodes here)

All eclipses have the potential to be powerful, but this one on 3rd March caught my attention as I like to look to the planets that rule the north/south node signs for more information on the ways the eclipse will manifest and express; in this case Mercury, ruler of Virgo, is currently in a retrograde phase, while Jupiter and Neptune, rulers of Pisces, are both on important journeys of their own.

Jupiter (expansion) is squaring the north/south node axis (square = dynamic, challenging, stressful), which might give a feeling of being at crossroads, or having a choice to make about direction, especially regarding the past v future. Neptune of course, is currently still close within its second of three oppositions with Saturn that take place over 2006/7, and I wrote this post about the potential in that aspect, during the first hit last summer.

Onto the actual sun/moon relationship that is the centre of the energy in any eclipse, and the sun in Pisces stands opposite moon in Virgo, which means it's a full moon, and any full moon symbolises a turning point, a change of pace or direction. The build-up of energy as the planets pull against each other can often be felt as tension or restlessness, and it’s this energy that pushes situations towards change. With moon in Virgo there might be the feeling that there's been enough analysis of a situation and it's time to go with flow, in a move from linear to non-linear based thinking. Or maybe you've decided you've experienced enough criticism and not enough compassion, especially from your inner critic. Maybe you feel you've had it up to here with 'to do' lists. Whatever it is you'll recognise it in your urge to shout ENOUGH! No More!

During this full moon, the sun and Uranus are close together in Pisces, which is another important piece of this eclipse picture, and another potent symbol for change. Uranus is known for its unpredictability and the tendency to turn situations on a sixpence, in the twinkling of an eye. It’s a planet that is often called The Awakener, due to its ability to offer sudden clarity and flashes of inspiration, but also quite literally with its over-stimulating effect on the nervous system that can lead to insomnia and wide-eyed caffeine-style highs.

The moon in opposition to Uranus will most likely increase the feeling of restlessness that characterises the full moon experience, as well as lowering the tolerance level to feeling trapped or bored in a situation, but it can also carry an uncompromising energy with it, that can be refreshing and supportive to those in need of reconnection with Self. This is because Uranus champions the true nature of an individual, while having little interest in helping accommodate square pegs in round holes.

Remembering that the eclipse period indicates events with long-lasting, far-reaching effects, it looks like the symbolism of this planetary picture shows this is where 2007 starts to get interesting.