Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Venus In Scorpio: Kate Moss

Another embodiment of the Venus in Scorpio energy is the Kate Moss cocaine kerfuffle.(Not sure why it was such big news though, as her b.f. is the pale, damp-skinned Pete Doherty for gawd's sake). Venus in Scorpio likes having something to hide, as well as secretly liking everyone finding out - Kate allegedly believes this is going to raise her profile, and it probably will.
Her chart, if the birthdate is correct, shows an early degree Scorpio Moon, which means Venus was around that spot when the story broke. Venus is also in opposition to her Mars in Taurus. This, as I mentioned previously, is where Mars is now, and along with the upcoming eclipse, where all the astro action is focused, for the forseeable. So here is something to watch for: Mars retrogrades on October 2nd, and then stops on the degree of Kate's Mars in early December, returning to this current degree next Feb. Astrology is suggesting that this is a significant time for Kate, that the story began in early August, and that it isn't over yet.
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Venus In Scorpio

From now until early October, Venus is in Scorpio. This is deep and hidden dynamics in relationships; control dramas, the ever present power trips, and as always with Scorpio, the issue of revenge.
The essence of this planetary placement was embodied by agony aunt 'Mrs Mills' in the Sunday Times yesterday, in a reply to a question about how to deal with an unexpected meet on street scenario, between questioner and her husband's ex mistress.
The agony aunt (agony being her favourite word, no doubt), urged her to resist temptation to shout direct insults. Instead she says "far better is the unsettling aside that will chip away at her self-confidence for months afterwards. For example, you could have said to your friend, just loud enough for the woman to hear as she passed by '...but it was the smell more than anything else that put him off her in the end..."


Friday, September 09, 2005

Mercury + Uranus = Insomnia

Yesterday and today-ish, Mercury in Virgo is in opposition to Uranus in Pisces.
I remembered while trying to sleep, staring at the ceiling, and feeling I had just drunk 20 cups of coffee, that the Mercury/Uranus bond is a symbol of the awakened mind. The opposition aspect is sparky and punchy: pushing and pulling for its manifestation, and while it's a brief aspect, with all its Mercurial swiftness, there's still lots of room here for things to come of it. Mercury delivers the message, while Uranus reveals all through it. It's about lightbulb moments of meaning, and lightning bolts of understanding. The message is: WAKE UP

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gemini Rant

You know when you get those Sunsign descriptions.. the sort where Scorpio's are sexy dominatrix detectives, Capricorn's are important empire builders, and Piscean's invented the word mystic? Why do Gemini's only get to be two-faced, fickle, deceptive 2nd-hand car dealers types? I have never yet read a fabulous description of Gemini... Versatile and changeable is not very exciting, and is also the province of all 4 mutable signs (Pisces, Sadge, and Virgo), not just the Twins.
Childlike, fragile, superficial, inconsistant, commitment phobic...you know I think the people who wrote these descriptions are still smarting and bitter from past relationship failures. The best it gets is 'chatty and flirty'. Not much of a superpower is it...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Most Haunted's New Moon in Virgo

Watched 'Most Haunted Live' on TV. They were investigating a derelict Victorian asylum, on the night of a New Moon in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces. But not that much happened, which is a shame. I really thought they might get some strange happenings for this one, but only thing really was a sudden bad smell that they blamed on the ghosts.
Most Haunted is addictive viewing though. Sometimes scary, and exciting, often silly, frustrating, even cringey, but always fantastic television. It’s that eerie green night vision camera, making the pupils of everyone’s eyes shine out in an uncomfortable looking way (never outshining the sparkle of psychic Derek Acorah's diamond earring, of course). And the floating ‘orbs’ they keep capturing on film, which we call ‘moths’ and ‘dust’ where I come from. Then there is skeptic Matthew Smith, called in to represent the ‘oh, don’t be silly’ section of society. I have to admit to a slight crush on Matthew tonight though; his unshakable loyalty in the touchy-feely aspect of science seemed somehow strangely attractive.
And now I have been drawn into watching 4 webcams in the various locations, reading the text messages of an audience who are seeing ghosts, mists and orbs where I can only see empty corridors.
Wonder why ghosts are so camera shy. It’s not like that in the other reality TV shows…so many people trying any way to get on TV, but with most ghosts it’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to show themselves. Yet they can't wait to tap someone on the shoulder as soon as they try to fall asleep, etc.
So New Moon in Virgo opposing Uranus didn’t make an impact there. One more night of their investigation left.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Neptune Loves Venus And Jupiter

Relationship fixated Venus is now in cahoots with Jupiter, planet of big gestures and uplifting philosophy; both still in the sign of symmetry loving Libra. This is about pure indulgence, if Jupiter has got anything to do with it, and as Neptune knows no bounds, Venus is in for quite an experience. I am sticking to the 'it's got links with the past' prediction from the other day. Relationships will have that deja vu quality for quite some time yet, but this is a kind of peak experience of it all at the moment.

Pluto Moving On

Lots of debate recently about whether Pluto is a planet or not.. some say planetoid, some say asteroid... I say tiny planet with big impact in a chart.
It's been in retrograde motion ( appearing to move backwards) since Easter, but is now changing direction. Pluto is, among other things, about trust issues, so it's about remembering what was happening in relation to that, back around the end of March. And so much since then has been a deeper exploration of it all.
The 2005 retro cycle isn't completely over with till around the Winter Solstice time (and then it gets really interesting... but that is another post), but now there is the change in direction, the change in attitude, a perspective shift, that comes from realising the antidote for the March situation is acknowledging your truth, and how important it is to you. Yes you knew it then, but now, after all the events during the retrograde cycle, you know why.
Knowing why means it's so much easier to let go of what gets in the way of your truth. In other words, you are another step closer to trusting your own process of letting go and moving on.