Monday, March 16, 2009

Strange Sun/Uranus Synchronicity Story

Last week, when Sun/Uranus in Pisces was happening, My Pisces dad had a computer glitch. For no apparent reason the wireless connection to the internet wasn't happening (Uranus is associated with a lot of things there, technology, the internet, connection/disconnection; while Sun is associated with dad's and in the sign of Pisces it's my dad :) )

So we struggled on for a bit trying to work out what had happened, but I am not the best at computer problems, and my dad is a new silver surfer (as of the Saturn/Uranus opposition last year... how Saturn/Uranus is that?), so he phoned Andy the computer man. Andy was busy but gave quick instructions about a few things to try, including turning the modem off and then back on again. He said 'try those things and give me a ring back'

All things on the list failed except the modem restart (Venus retrograde = re-starting for re-alignment?). All was suddenly well again. My dad phoned Andy and said 'everything's fine Andy, it's fixed'. The voice on the other end of the line said 'well I am pleased that everythings fixed but this isn't Andy, I think you have the wrong number'.

My dad apologised and explained he had been having computer problems. The voice said 'You don't mean you were ringing Andy the computer man? He has JUST left my house, he's been here fixing MY computer'...

What's all that about?! Not that I am complaining, as I love random weirdness like that, but what's all that about?! Very Uranus in Pisces, yes?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Full Moon In Virgo

This years full moon in Virgo (11th March @ 2.40am GMT) happens right on that Saturn/Uranus opposition that's been hanging around since last November. While the alignment of Saturn/Uranus isn't exact at the moment, this moon sort of fills in the gaps of the degrees and pulls it together again, focusing and amplifying the energy through full moon-esque events.

I was pondering with furrowed brow what a Virgo full moon-esque event might look like, then got distracted by a sudden need to bleach the bathroom grouting with a toothbrush. Which is so utterly Virgo it's not funny (especially the furrowed brow ponder while doing so). Then I decided I must ask my four-planets-including-Saturn-in-Virgo friend about painting my living room (he'd pointed out all my patchy paintwork and offered to finish the job properly, and now all I can see is my patchy paintwork), but was interupted by my Virgo relative who phoned all wired and excited to say she was going to see a psychic to attempt to contact her deceased father, and she felt it was going to be 'electrifying' (Sun/Uranus in Pisces). So though I couldn't see for looking, the energy is there and flowing, and I do get the sense there might be a rather a lot of over-stimulated, jangled nerves about, especially with Virgo and Pisces.

Also, for me and a lot of Pluto in Virgo generation this Saturn/Uranus opposition is hitting Pluto in the chart. Pluto is about trust versus control in situations, so you can add that into the mix of moon energies if applicable, as well as a thought I had the other day about the Virgo eclipse of mid-September 2007. I remember it because it happened around my Pluto in Virgo degree... but I just have a feeling that because this full moon is so close to that spot, with Saturn right on that eclipse degree, it's going to be echoing events from around that time somehow, or breaking a stalemate feeling, or moving things on, or amplifying that eclipse theme in a Saturn sort of way... oh the possibilities are endless; so if you notice this in your experience at the moment, do share with a comment. Anyhoo, back to me grouting :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Venus retrograde 2009

So we are in the midst of Venus retrograde (retro = appears to move backwards). Even though Venus just turned retro over the weekend, the full cycle began early Feb and will end late May. Here's why:

Feb 3 - Venus reached 29 degrees of Pisces (beginning of 'shadow phase')
March 6 - Venus travelled to 15 degrees of Aries and turned retrograde (appeared to turn around and move back on itself)
April 17 - Venus returns to 29 degrees of Pisces (that is how you get the shadow phase degree - its the degree that Venus moves back to before stopping to turn 'direct' again)
May 21 - Venus retreads path to 15 degrees of Aries, crossing that March 6th turnaround point, finishing the full cycle.

So what's all that about? Well, rule of thumb that works well for any planet retrograde is to stick to words that begin with 're'.... so it's a period of reconnecting, reviewing, returning, relocating, retracing, retreading, etc etc, and as Venus is the planet of relationship and relativity, the Venus scope of influence is being amplified in all sorts of ways.

What was happening late Jan early Feb would have helped set the tone for your personal retro phase (the essence continues to echo through events) but while the exact dates are never that important, the general theme within a general timeframe are; as well as remembering that astrology is about cycles within cycles, so the bigger picture of Venus's eight year movement is relevant here too.

Last time Venus was retro in the sign of Aries was eight years ago you see, so is there anything similar back then to now? Maybe it won't come to light till after this retro time has been lived, but it will be there somewhere. Aries is a bold energy -'fierce' as they keep saying on America's Next Top Model - it's a straightforward as-the-crow-flies energy that's all about following or flowing with what you want from you, rather than being focused on what others don't want from you. Being in touch with, or being sensitive and responsive to your own desires is something that gets those with a strong Aries influence the label of 'selfish', but of course you only ever get called selfish by those who want you to do it their way instead!

So who was labelling you selfish eight years ago? or who were you fuming with for being so selfish? Ring any bells to now? The retrograde phase indicates there can be significant turning points in your perspective on relationships, while Venus in Aries indicates self-ish relationships are the order of the day... and hopefully so, as it's only by following your own inner direction that the world makes any sense.

Monday, March 02, 2009

March Horoscopes

My monthly horoscopes for March are posted here :)