Sunday, August 30, 2009

September Horoscopes

21st March – 20th April

There’s an important line-up of planets all month in the problem-solving angle of your chart. Its part of a long-term repeating cycle going on at the moment, most noticeable in your day to day running of things and how you get the tangles, knots and spanners out of your works. The way to get the best out of this planet energy is to be open to sudden solutions. Watch them flash in, through dreams, daydreams or from someone you least expected. It comes when you aren’t pushing for the answer you see; the universe seems to go for nonchalance and no pressure.

21st April – 21st May

While the sun moves through the matters of the heart angle of your chart, magnetising your attention to romance, creativity and all that you seek to put your heart and soul into, planets also here are symbolising the pushing of boundaries and breaking of limits. To do so those limits have to be challenged first of course, and so rather than blame others for this behaviour, remind yourself amidst any conflict during September that the higher purpose or deeper intent you have at the moment is to break your own mould, and those others are just kindly helping you out.

22nd May – 21st June

Lots happening with planets in the comfort zone angle of your chart, and in the long-term aims angle. It’s about where you feel comfortable right now, versus where your future plans want to take you. The full moon on the 4th highlights this emotionally, and then Saturn/Uranus brings the story of last autumn and early spring back to the forefront. For Gemini in particular this has a specific theme of trust and belief. Or trusting what you want to believe and vice versa. Then all themes blend together during the new moon on the 18th to bring new focus and definition.

22nd June – 22nd July

Mars moves into your sign as September gets underway, so its action stations as far as long-term goals and plans go. And it all revolves around the importance of communication and information, and of the beliefs and perspectives carried by it. It’s a re-emerging theme from last autumn and early spring, and with you being so lunar-ruled, put the 4th and the 18th in your diary to mark the full and new moon, as it’s around that time the feeling of being at odds with the re-emerging theme is greatest. It’s not a bad thing though, it’s productive, especially around the 18th.

23rd July – 23rd August

The sun is moving through the resources section of your chart, which tends to bring finances to the forefront, as well as anything that money can buy. It’s really about security and worth, which are more to do with thoughts and feelings about yourself and others, rather than cash; ironically, says metaphysics, it’s what money can’t buy that attracts it to your door. This theme is strong for September, along with a rather metaphysical interlude midmonth, in which it’s possible to make a miracle or two happen right out of thin air.

24th August – 22nd September

Oooh, busy month for Virgo! It’s the re-emergence of the Saturn/Uranus opposition (limitation versus liberation), so if you look at what’s been going on since last autumn within the context of this theme, you’ll get a feel for where your focus of attention is likely to be pulled this month. Thing is, all this is amplified greatly by the full moon around the 4th and the new moon around the 18th as they spotlight your sign; so first half of September is about clarifying how you feel, while after midmonth and especially around 18th it’s deciding what you want as a result.

23rd September – 23rd October

It’s ever such a creative time, especially midmonth, but sometimes it might feel like you’re walking into the wind with it all when Mercury changes direction during the first week, and old problems you thought you’d floated free from start to re-emerge. You might think the struggle is saying don’t bother, but actually the message is don’t bother with the struggle. Mercury is there to help you find a different view on all this, while the old problems are only back for new solutions. New moon on the 18th doesn’t half help show you it’s when you stop searching that you find them.

24th October – 22nd November

The sun is moving through the hopes and dreams angle of your chart all September, and during its time here is part of an important line up of planets that first showed themselves last autumn and again early spring. Cast your mind back and see if you remember feeling like limitations got in the way of creative endeavours; or whether sudden happenings clashed with your need for time to develop your dream plan. So yes, it’s back again, but always different as you’re wise with experience to know that what comes out of all that is often better than you first dreamed it.

23rd November – 21st December

The sun hits the top of your chart this month, in the angle of long-term plans and commitment, and the story for September is about the continuing conflict or contrast (first seen last autumn and again early spring), of the best way to go about what you are reaching for without compromising your current comfort zone, which is all about feeling free to go with your flow. Full moon on the 4th brings this to a head, while new moon on the 18th points to a new commitment; hopefully one that remains unrestrictive on that flow of yours.

22nd December – 20th January

Remember last autumn and early spring? All that astro talk about your ruler Saturn (limits and boundaries) clashing with Uranus (unconditional freedom). Well its back for another hit during September, hitting the same parts of your chart; so for example its free speech versus traditional beliefs, or it might be information that sets you free versus restricting views on things. So many ways it can play out all month, but will be most recognisable loosely around 4th and 18th; especially 18th as the new moon indicates a powerful new chapter ahead for you.

21st January – 18th February

So the big news for September is that your two ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus are going head to head again all month, which means the re-surfacing of themes from early spring and last autumn, along the lines of security, resources, trust and how others in your life tie in with all that. Control freak or live and let live? Aquarius would always choose the latter without question, but it’s funny what behaviour you come out with when you believe external conditions justify it. Best not believe everything you think then.

19th February – 20th March

The focus is on contracts, agreements, and balance in relationships this month as the Saturn/Uranus opposition is active again, hitting right on this angle of your chart; so think back to last autumn and early spring this year for clues to what was being inspired within you through events. It’s Uranus (freedom without compromise) versus Saturn (limits and boundaries); and the full moon in your sign around the 4th will amplify your emotional take on this, then a very powerful new moon on the 18th in the relationship angle of your chart indicates a whole new phase for this area of your life.